The Guided Missile Returns Tomorrow in Fortnite

Guided Missile Return Date

Fortnite has had a lot of different gadgets and weapons come and go since its launch last year. Perhaps the most controversial item was the Guided Missile, which absolutely dominated games when it first launched. With the ability to remotely control a rocket, players could circumnavigate enemy structures and quickly lay waste to enemies. This bazooka was quickly pulled from the game and after an extensive rework, it’s scheduled to drop in-game tomorrow.

Unlike its previous version, the Guided Missile will now primarily be used as a scouting tool for players. This rocket launcher will now hold a maximum of rockets, reduced damage, and turn radius. Additionally, the Guided Missile will boast better mouse and keyboard support so it’s easier to control after being fired. Whether a scouting tool will take a slot in someone’s inventory is yet to be determined. While it will certainly be useful in squad games, the reduced damage might hinder it from seeing any solo play.

We imagine the Guided Missile will be available after the v5.10 Content Update goes live tomorrow. The servers are expected to be down around 1:00 AM PT/4:00 AM ET tomorrow, so expect to see these missiles very soon.

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