How to Get Lucio’s Legendary Emote in Overwatch

Lucio Legendary Emote

Overwatch is a game that’s constantly evolving thanks to Blizzards focus on adding new characters, cosmetic items, and balances. This game’s competitive scene has also been pushed by the developer, with the Overwatch League receiving special in-game skins and sprays that act as digital jerseys. However, a new Legendary emote for Lucio is set to release soon that is also tied to the Overwatch League.

Acting as the first Legendary emote for Lucio, this is only obtainable for people who own the Twitch All-Access Pass. Available on July 24, anyone who owns or purchases the Twitch All-Access Pass will instantly claim this special reward. The emote in question has Lucio summon his own DJ stand and blast some funky tunes. This is the fourth legendary emote added in Overwatch alongside Orisa’s Puppy, D.Va’s Game On, and Zarya’s Mystery Gift.

Currently, this item is listed as a limited-time exclusive, so if you really want to get this emote make sure to nab it soon. There’s no word if this emote will ever be available in the future or if players will have a chance to unlock it in-game. Blizzard has not revealed for how long this emote will be accessible.

For the unfamiliar, the Overwatch League All-Access Pass gifts users with a number of VIP features. One OWL All-Access Pass costs $29.99 for the inaugural season and we assume this will be the same rate for the upcoming OWL seasons. If you are considering purchasing this pass just go here. However, if you are still on the fence here is a look at the different rewards you will unlock once you obtain the pass:

  • Behind the Scenes Videos
  • Post-Match Player Q&A
  • Multiview Stream
  • Alternate In-Game Views
  • Player Facecams
  • Stats
  • Lucio’s Legendary Emote
  • 15 Overwatch League Skins
  • Special Overwatch Twitch emotes
  • In-game Overwatch League Icon
  • In-game Overwatch League Spray
  • Global Twitch Chat Badge
  • Global Twitch Chat Badges and 500 Bits (Twitch Prime users only)

If you are a big fan of OWL then this pass is certainly worth the one-time payment of $29.99. Yet, if you are simply a casual observer then this might not offer enough to justify the price tag. While the deeper analysis and multiple feeds are certainly nice, this is only good for those who really want to immerse themselves in this esport. As for the Lucio emote, unless you main the character then we can’t recommend spending that amount of money for a single special cosmetic.

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