Realm Royale’s First Battle Pass Goes Prehistoric

Realm Royale Battle Pass

Hi-Rez Studios

Realm Royale has gone through some growing pains in the month since its launch. Various nerfs and buffs have come to the game but it has done its best to carve out a chunk of the battle royale audience.

Since the game launched, there has been little to no way for fans to show their support by dumping money into the game. All of that is changing with the arrival of the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass, much like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, will give players the option to purchase a pass that will allow players to unlock new skins, mounts, contrails, etc. This gives players an extra incentive to play the game as well as giving them a way to put some money into the game.

Hi-Rez released a short trailer showcasing the new Battle Pass, also indicating it will be dinosaur-themed. It looks like there will be raptor skins for the mounts, dinosaur-themed contrails, new emotes and instead of the traditional chicken, players will be able to turn into dinosaurs instead.

The Battle Pass is not yet available but we imagine it’ll be available shortly and cost $10, much like Fortnite’s and PUBG’s pass. What remains to be seen is whether the player base is still there for Realm Royale to justify the release of the Battle Pass.

No release date has been locked down officially but it certainly looks close to being available. The Item Shop does feature the Alpha pack currently that comes with new chicken and mount skins. The pack will only be available while the game is in Alpha so it won’t be there forever. More items will likely pop up on the shop in the future.

If this Battle Pass ends up being popular, this will likely become a trend for the game. Realm Royale is free-to-play so the developers currently have to rely on methods like this to make money to continue developing the game. Other Hi-Rez Studios games such as Paladins and Smite rely on a similar method to make money.

Although Realm Royale isn’t as big as Fortnite or PUBG in terms of popularity, it does have a presence on Twitch whenever a top streamer decides to play it. Realm Royale hardly cracks the top 10 games on Twitch but when Ninja goes over to it, it finds a way into the top five. It’s hard to say the impact this has but it certainly doesn’t hurt the game.

Realm Royale is working hard to bring in more players such as implementing an new Deathmatch Training Grounds mode. This mode will help players learn the nuances of shooting and how the guns work before they bring themselves into the ranked modes.

Realm Royale is available now on PC through Steam. For more news and guides about Realm Royale, stay with us here at Heavy.

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