Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta Release Date Revealed

Blackout Beta Release Date


The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 beta just wrapped up on PC and console but don’t worry as the Blackout beta is on the way.

The Blackout beta was noticeably absent from this past beta and we still haven’t seen any actual footage from the game mode. The beta was originally announced as coming in September but now we have an actual release date.

Keep in mind this is the same beta client as the previous beta so you’ll want to leave it on your hard drive.

The beta is coming September 10, first to PS4. Here’s a little snippet at what to expect with the upcoming mode.

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  • Blackout will feature classic playable characters from previous Black Ops games with a colossal map that features locations inspired by fan-favorite Black Ops multiplayer maps, including iconic areas from Nuketown and Firing Range.


  • The mode will feature classic Black Ops weapons with different ammo types and equipment that players will loot and scavenge in the map. Players will also find and drive land, sea and air vehicles.

Blackout will be the first battle royale game with aerial, aquatic and land vehicles meaning this mode will promise a lot of mayhem. There has been no word as to how many players will actually be in the map so we’ll probably find that out closer to the beta. You can read more about the Blackout mode here.

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