Dead by Daylight Hints at New Patch With Cryptic Message

Dead by Daylight New Chapter

We’re still about a month out from the next chapter of Dead by Daylight but fans have been discussing what the next update will bring since the inclusion of the previous chapter.

Usually there is some sort of leak or hint about the upcoming chapter but that hasn’t been the case here.

A post on the Dead by Daylight forum asked for hints or snippets about the coming chapter.

So, with chapter 8 being released on 12 June and the plan to release a new chapter every 3 months, i work it as being just under a month to the next chapter.
We had seen the postcard by now, is there any sort of event due over the next few weeks, or is there likely to be some snippets in a stream or anything?
The suspense is killing me!

There are usually several speculations about who the next killer could be and it sounds like Ghostface is popular suggestion this time around.

Ghostface is the killer from the Scream series and players are suggesting this killer can have the ability to disguise himself as a survivor. It’s unclear how that would work in the game but that’s for the developers to figure out, if that is the path they are taking.

Dead by Daylight’s community manager Not_Queen responded to the forum post saying the answer is already out there and we need to have a closer look. Whether that means the developers have already hinted at the new chapter somewhere remains to be seen.

Fans will no doubt be scouring the far reaches of the internet to find out what she meant by that message. At the very least it sounds like the hype will be snowballing as we go into September and the new chapter.

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