Dusty Divot Treasure Map: How to Solve Fortnite Week 7 Challenge

Fortnite Treasure Map Dusty Divot

The seventh week of Fortnite challenges have been leaked and one of them requires you to find a hidden Battle Star somewhere on the map. Like previous treasure maps, users will need to go to a specific location to find this Battle Star. Remember, you don’t need to physically visit or see the treasure map in Dusty Divot for this star to be available. Just go to the location shown below and it will be there when the challenge releases. 

Fortnite Treasure Map Dusty Divot

Week 7’s Battle Star is located north of Dusty Divot and South of Lazy Links. You will need to visit a trio of trees near a large stone head between these two named locations. Once you land by this stone head, go between the three trees and you should find the Battle Star there. If you can’t find it, make sure you’re by the stone head with the mustache that has logs around it.

Fortnite Dusty Divot Treasure Map

Keep in mind, there aren’t a ton of weapons in this area so expect to die once you land. If you do want to survive, we recommend going for the chests by the stone head first and then moving down to the trees. Some opponents like to camp these locations, so make sure to be ready for a battle if you go for the star right away. Otherwise, this is a fairly easy Fortnite challenge to complete since it’s not in any major location.

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