Fortnite: Secret Battle Star Location Week 6, Season 5

Fortnite Week 6 Secret Battle Star

If you are someone bent on completing every aspect of the Battle Pass, then you’ll want to obtain the hidden Battle Stars scattered across the map. To unlock these, players need to first finish all of the challenges for the corresponding week. After completing these quests, the Secret Battle Star will appear somewhere on the map.

Thankfully, developer Epic Games have left clues in the form of special loading screens. Week 6’s was leaked some time ago on social media so we won’t have to wait until someone finishes the challenges this week. By looking at this image, you can faintly see the Battle Star floating above the cooler in the red pickup truck. This is where you will find the Secret Batte Star for Season 5, Week 6.

When you load into the map, fly towards Risky Reels and head to the middle of the parked cars. Go to the first row of cars closest to the screen and walk up to the red pickup truck in the middle. You should find the Secret Battle Star here after you’ve completed all the challenges for Week 6. Grabbing this star will give you a free Tier, so it’s worth grabbing if you need an extra boost.

This one is fairly easy to obtain as long as your foes didn’t drop with you. There is usually a chest or two on cars in this area, so maybe grab a gun before going for the star. No one likes getting shot in the back when they are treasure hunting.

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