Fortnite Season 5, Week 6 Challenges Revealed: How to Solve

Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 challenges

The newest set of challenges for Fortnite have been leaked and they look like the trickiest week so far. Revealed by the FNLeak Twitter account, these challenges range from dealing headshot damage to completing different time trails scattered throughout the map.

Keep in mind, it’s still possible for developer Epic Games to alter their challenges for this week. We saw this last week when the hole in one challenge was tweaked so players just had to get the golf ball in the green. Because of this, we will update any of these challenges if they end up being false or slightly different than what’s listed.

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Here is how to solve Fortnite’s Season 5, Week 6 challenges:

  1. 1. Deal 500 Headshot Damage

    1. This is one of those challenges that you will eventually obtain just by playing the game. Since you should ideally always aim for someone’s head, dealing 500 headshot damage isn’t that tricky. Since it doesn’t need to be a single game, just take your time and make sure you land critical hits.
    2. For those having trouble with this, jump into a 50 v 50 and pick up a sniper rifle. You can usually land some headshots without people even noticing you. Remember you can also do headshot damage to downed enemies, which is a solid way to get some extra points if you need them.
  2. 2. Harvest 3,000 Building Resources With a Pickaxe

  3. Another challenge that you should get just by playing a few matches of Fortnite. Harvesting materials is a core mechanic of the game, so there’s no reason you should obtain this challenge.
  4. That being said, if you want to finish it quickly make sure to drop in areas like Wailing Woods or the forest south of Haunted Hills. You can rack up a lot of resources quickly in these locations. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about this quest too much because you’ll unlock it after a few games.

3. Search Where the Stone Heads are Looking

Fortnite Stone Heads

This is probably the weirdest challenge of the Season and quest most likely to change before they release. When the stone heads originally entered the game, Reddit user ShadoukenGames noticed they were all looking towards the west side of Salty Springs.

The Battle Star itself is located on the medium sized hill that’s just south-west of Salty Springs. It’s on the highest point and this mountain directly overlooks the town below so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

4. Search 7 Chests in Lonely Lodge

Completing this challenge may take a few games, but it’s simple enough. When you launch down to Lonely Lodge aim for the large cabin in the middle of the campgrounds. There are usually 2-3 chests in this building alone – most of which are hidden in attics. Once you’ve searched this area, begin checking all the smaller buildings since Fortnite tends to hide chests inside them as well.

There are also a few chests hidden around the tents or in a small cave. The only place we do not recommend dropping is the massive tower, simply because there is usually only one chest there. It will take you forever to get down and the fall alone will kill you.

5. Complete 5 Timed Trails

Fortnite Timed Trials

To start the Timed Trials you will need to approach a blue pocket watch that is hovering in the air. After interacting it will send you on a designated route that you have to follow. If you manage to hit all the balls before the timer expires then you will have completed that time trial.

Here are the locations for the different time trials:

    • A5 – South of Snobby Shores by the ramp
    • C2 – Next to the Stone Head, East of Junk Junction
    • E7 – Directly west of Salty Springs on a rock next to the river
    • G3 – Southeast of Lazy Links and northwest of Tomato Town in the river by the bridge
    • I5 – On the roof of the Lodge in Lonely Lodge
    • H9 – North of the Gas Station by the Lagoon (desert biome)
    • H6 – In Retail Row outside of the mall 


6. 2 Minigun or Light Machine Gun Eliminations

Even though the minigun and LMG are in an odd place, this should be that tricky. We recommend picking up the Minigun over the LMG, simply because it’s easier to control and can be more oppressive when fighting against foes. You need to get fairly close to really maximize the LMG’s killing potential, but doing so leaves you in range of powerful guns such as the Compact SMG.

If you’re having trouble, just pop into a 50 v 50 and pick up one of the 30 miniguns everyone is ignoring during the battle. You should be able to steal a few kills using either of these weapons before the match is over.

7. Eliminate 3 Opponents in Tilted Towers

When going for this challenge it’s important not to get greedy or reckless when hunting someone down. Tilted Towers is a dangerous location, largely because enemies can peak corners and hide in dozens of different rooms.

Either use a ranged weapon to pick foes off that are distracted or try to catch foes when they are still looking for loot. Don’t expect to get all three kills in one sitting, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble finishing this challenge.

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