Fortnite Season 6 Release Date Officially Announced

Fortnite Season 6 Release Date

With the fifth Season of Fortnite wrapping up, developer Epic Games have given us a release date for Season 6. Set to release on September 27, this is one of the most anticipated seasons since the game released last year. Developer Epic Games have certainly been building a lot of hype during over the past few weeks and it will be interesting to see what the payoff is.

There have been a lot of rumors and gossip about what the new season could focus on. Some suspect it will focus on the various food mascots that have become popular characters among players while others believe it will have something to do with the mysterious Visitor. With Loot Lake recently transformed into a massive bounce pad, all bets are off on what Epic will deliver.

Additionally, starting today there will be a 400% XP increase until September 24. While this won’t help you rank up your Battle Pass, it will go towards the different versions of each costume. This is the best time to finish your Ragnarok and Drifter outfit since these solely revolve around XP.

Season 6 of Fortnite is scheduled to drop on September 27. There has been no word on what time it will release, but we suspect it will be quite early in the morning.

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