Pokemon Go Deoxys: Max CP & Stats

pokemon go deoxys max cp


Pokemon Go players are starting to fight Deoxys in EX Raid Battles. If you managed to beat and catch it, you may be wondering what it’s stats are and whether or not it’s worth it to power it up. Well look no further.

As the normal form of Deoxys is the only form currently available according to Nantic, the CP and stats listed in this article will reflect its normal form.

Deoxys has a max CP of 2749, according to GamePress. As a Raid Boss it has a CP of 45891 and it’s CP when you catch it ranges from 1,485 to 1,570, or 1,857 to 1,963 in Windy weather, according to Pokemon Go Hub.

It has an attack stat of 345, a defense stat of 115 and a stamina of 100, according to GamePress. It has the Quick Moves Charge Beam and Zen Headbutt, and the Charge Moves Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam and Psycho Boost.

Is Deoxys worth powering up? Maybe not.

While Deoxys’ status as the Pokemon with the highest attack stat in the game and as an EX Raid Boss makes it highly desirable, GamePress rated it a 2.5 out of five. That’s because of its frail defense and stamina. Even Totodile has higher defense than Deoxys! It might not even live to use its Charge Moves.

Speaking of moves it can’t even take advantage of its massive attack stat because it’s moves are not good. Zen Headbutt is outclassed by Confusion, and Charge Beam is outclassed by all other electric-type Quick Moves according to GamePress. Psycho Boost, its signature move, is outclassed by every other psychic-type charge move Thanks to its low power and huge cooldown (even longer than Hyper Beam), according to the publication. Thunderbolt and Hyper Beam actually perform better than Psycho Boost in most situations. We would suggest putting your Rare Candies and Stardust towards powering up Mewtwo instead.

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