10 Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

The Assassins Order may be as lethal as ever. But they’re especially cute and bite-sized in this new mobile release!

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion compiles some of the series’ most popular assassins for a new strategy adventure. The Templars mush be taken down once again through the efforts of your Brotherhood army, which means you’ll need to take on various missions all over Spain. There’s a host of elements tied to your success throughout your time spent with this game. With this extensive tips guide, you’ll have all the know-how needed to help your assassins complete each mission with ease!

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Assassin’s Creed Rebellion:

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1. Pay Attention to the Team Setup Recommendations for Each Mission

Assassin's Creed Rebellion


• Every time you make it to the Edit Team screen for your next mission, take a look at the Team Recommendations guide in the top right corner. If there are three role icons present, you’ll most definitely want to put a party of Heroes together that sticks closely to that setup. Sometimes, you’ll only be asked to take just two Hero role types into a mission.

• As for the third Hero option, it’s best if you add someone who can utilize healing abilities. That way, you can back up your two recommended Heroes with a character who can keep them alive as they take on the bulk of the current mission’s tasks. Always rely on your rarest and strongest Heroes from each role when you’re constructing your next three-person team for a mission.

2. Be Mindful of Your Heroes’ Skills Before You Take Them on a Mission

Assassin's Creed Rebellion


• Another aspect of your Heroes you should consider before taking on a mission are their Skills. As you’re selecting a Hero who’s role syncs up with the Team Recommendations, read up on their stats and skills. It’s always worth choosing at least one or two Heroes who have stat boosting abilities or ones that heal members of your party. Specialists are especially useful to your team – they tend to stick to one of three Role specifications (Heal, Support, or Disarm). These types of Heroes do a good job of keeping your party alive longer and getting them past traps that lead to safer routes during certain missions.

3. Survey the Proceeding Area and Check Out Your Success Rate for Each Hero

Assassin's Creed Rebellion


• When you’re actually in the middle of a mission, take your time proceeding through each room. You can get a clear idea of your success/failure rate for different actions by selecting a Hero and swiping over to the next room. Certain Heroes are better suited to handle specific tasks within each room, plus you can see how good/bad they’ll fare against any foes they may come across.

• If the chances for accomplishing a goal are at least 60-percent or higher, give it a shot. Anything lower than that can place your Hero in a bad spot since they’re more likely to fail their next task. You should also keep an eye on the number of times you can use a particular Hero Skill, too. Sometimes it’s best if you select different actions so you can conserve your beset skills for the final rooms of any mission. This rule plays a big part in how you should approach the usage of a Shadow Class (Assassination) Hero. Their stealth kill abilities have a limited number of uses, so don’t blow through them so quickly!

4. There’s a Huge Variety of Mission Types to Complete

Assassin's Creed Rebellion


Assassin’s Creed Rebellion has a wide assortment of missions for you and your Heroes to take on – Story, Standard, Loot, and Legacy Missions. You’ll need to complete a bunch of Story Missions if you want to unlock different Missions from the other three modes. Story Missions tend to reward you with a good amount of every item type upon completion. Standard Missions usually gift you with Training Codex Pages, Brotherhood Experience, Coins, and Building Material.

• Loot Missions are filled with different types of Ore (an element used to upgrade your Heroes’ gear), Brotherhood Experience, Coins, and Building Material. And finally, Legacy Missions are where you’ll mainly acquire extra Hero DNA Fragments, Brotherhood Experience, Coins, and Building Material. Note that you can complete three of the game’s mission types a limited amount of times per day – five times for each Standard & Loot Mission and three times for each Legacy Mission.

5. Try to Attain a Three-Star Rating for Every Mission You Take

• When it comes to each of the game’s mission types, make sure you attain a three-star rating on each one that one you complete. That goal can be reached by making sure all three of your Heroes makes it to the end of a mission in one piece. The Stars you gain fill a meter in the top left corner of the Missions map screen.

• Every Region you unlock includes this meter – each time you hit the next collected Stars number limit, you’ll be gifted with a free Cube full of goodies. Getting three-star mission rankings easily fills up a Region’s Cube reward meter in no time! Note that you can choose the Rush option (which instantly lets you complete a mission and collect its rewards) for a mission once you get a three-star ranking for it.

6. Helix Credits are Your Most Valuable Form of Currency

• During your first few moments with the game, you’ll end up with a rich amount of Helix Credits. This currency type can be used to buy several goods within the Shop. You should spend your first big serving of Helix Credits on Encrypted Cubes, more specifically the 10 DNA Cubes selection. That first big purchase will further build out your collection of Heroes and make it easier for you to get through the game’s first collection of missions. You’ll acquire more Helix Credits over time, but it takes a while to gather up another big amount of them. Be patient, save up your Helix Credits, and make sure you only spend them on acquiring more DNA Fragments.

• If you’re looking to pick up the DNA Fragments for a specific Hero, take a trip into the Heroes menu. Click on a Hero you still have yet to unlock, then choose the Find DNA option in the bottom right corner of the screen. Doing this pushes you in the right direction to any mission that features that Hero’s DNA Fragments as a reward.

7. Replay Missions to Farm DNA Fragments and Other Goods

Assassin's Creed Rebellion


• Remember how we mentioned that each Mission type has a limited amount of times you can complete them? Make sure you hit the completion limit for each of the game’s Mission types on a daily basis – this helps you acquire the max amount of rewards each mission gifts you with. Before you do this though, complete a good amount of Story Missions so you can unlock more of the game’s other Missions.

• Once you unlock a new Mission under one of the other Mission types, focus on hitting the completion limit for that one Mission for the day. Then once you log-in during your next game session, do the same for another singular Mission tied to each Mission type. This technique is perfect for farming every useful item in the game!

8. Assign the Right Heroes to Specific Rooms to Boost Their Productivity and Put Your HQ to Work While You Work

Assassin's Creed Rebellion


• As you reach new Brotherhood Levels, you’ll get the chance to build new rooms for your HQ. You can click on the Build tab to see which new rooms unlock once you hit a certain Brotherhood Level. Each room fulfills a different job, such as character upgrading, gear crafting, Hero health regeneration etc. The rooms you’ll want to upgrade the most are as follows – the Training Room, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Workshop, and Ceremony Room. Focus on improving these rooms and you’ll build up a strong army of Heroes backed up by a nice selection of weapons, armor, and gear.

• When it’s time to assign a Hero to a room, make sure they’re specially suited for the task at hand. The Hero who works best with a certain room will have a certain symbol attached to them during the selection process – this symbol is a clear indication that they’re the perfect pick for the current room assignment! Don’t worry about who you should assign to the Training Room, however – make sure you upgrade each and every Hero you have! It takes a couple hour to finish training any Hero, so set up your Training Room sessions before you go offline. By the time you log back in, your newly trained Heroes should be finished and ready to go! Updated Heroes are primed for a Promotion, which raises their stats and makes them an essential part of any team.

9. Make it a Habit of Completing Your Daily Missions and Participating in Events

• The Objectives tab is home to two of the game’s gift delivery mechanics – Daily Missions and Achievements. If you want to receive a steady stream of Brotherhood XP, Helix Fragments, Intel, and Coins, always complete your Daily Missions. Once you make it to Brotherhood Levels Six, Seven, and Eight, you’ll get to take part in the game’s limited time Events. Events are super generous with its gifting of DNA Fragments, new Heroes, Helix Credits, and Cubes.

10. And Stay on Top of Your Achievements!

Assassin's Creed Rebellion


• Achievements on the other hand take a lot longer to complete. Completing these helps you acquire more DNA Fragments, Helix Credits, and a whole heap of coins!

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