The Draw Exotic Quest Unlock Time in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Draw Exotic Quest

Destiny 2’s Black Armory DLC has started, however, not every piece of content is available right away. One major activity that hasn’t been released is The Draw Exotic Quest. Formally known as The Last Word in the original Destiny, this Hand Cannon is one of the most requested items from the community.

If you want to try an obtain The Draw as soon as possible then you’ll need to login on January 29. Bungie will then drop the 2.1.4 patch – which contains the quest – at 8:45 AM PT/ 11:45 PM ET. This will take the servers offline so it may take around a half hour before the game is live again.

The quest will not be available until then and there is no other way to obtain this Exotic currently in-game. Because of this, all you can do at the time of writing this is wait. We don’t know the length of this mission or how difficult, but you should be able to get to around the nex max Light by then.

Until this releases, there are four additional Exotic weapons now available. The Anarchy, Izanagi’s Burden, Le Monarque, and Jotunn are all in Destiny 2’s loot pool. These are not tied to quests, so you’ll have to earn them either through completing challenges or random drops in the world. Additionally, The Dawning will begin on December 11 along with new forges for players to explore.

While it may be frustrating you have to wait for this Exotic, there should be more than enough content to hold you over until The Draw is available.

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