What Starting Choice is Right for You in Kingdom Hearts 3

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Like some previous games in the series, Kingdom Hearts 3 asks players to make an important decision at the start of the game.

Players must answer a series of questions that will shape how Sora will be in the beginning.

In the long run, it’s hard to go wrong with any choice but you might want to know what you’re getting yourself into at the beginning.

As with many starting choices in games, players are often left wondering if they made the right choice or not. We’re here to help you out with that.

The first question asks Sora “What do you desire?” where the player is given three options:

  • Wisdom
  • Vitality
  • Balance

Wisdom will make Sora start with more MP, Vitality with more HP and Balance will, unsurprisingly, make Sora begin with a balance of the two.

To sum up, Wisdom will be good for magic users, Vitality for those who want to tank some damage and Balance will be good for those somewhere in the middle.

Now that that’s out of the way, time to move onto the next question.

Players will now be asked to choose between Guardian, Warrior or Mystic. The answer you choose here will determine what abilities Sora will learn to begin the game.

Guardian will make Sora learn defensive abilities first, Warrior will be melee combat while Mystic will be magic.

This means that if you chose Wisdom earlier you’ll probably want to go with Mystic here, Vitality and Balance would mean you want either Guardian or Warrior.

Whatever you decide to choose it’s important to know that these changes are final so make sure you like what you pick.

We imagine Sora will have access to all of the abilities as he levels up but your early-game will be focused a lot more on your answers to these questions.

Various Keyblades you come across will complement your playstyle so be on the lookout for stats of all the Keyblades you come across.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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