Fortnite Week 7, Season 7 Secret Battle Star Location

fortnite week 7 season 7 secret battle star

Fortnite’s Week 7 challenges are just around the corner, so it’s time to uncover the hiding place of the Secret Battle Star. With the loading screen recently leaked, we can easily deduce the location of the Week 7, Season 7 Secret Battle Star in Fortnite. Remember, this will only appear after you’ve completed all of the challenges for Week 7. If they aren’t done then don’t bother hunting for this free tier.

To find the Week 7, Season 7 Secret Battle Star head to Polar Peaks and land outside of the castle. Head inside and go towards the main throne room, which should have several ice crystals formed around the seat. You will find this Battle Star on the left side of the throne if you are looking at from the entrance.

This is a pretty easy Secret Battle Star to obtain, but you should expect a fight if you’re dropping here. Polar Peaks is fairly popular, so make sure to grab some loot before you go hunting for this item. There is usually a chest in the throne room or right by the stairs leading up to this area. Try to arm yourself first so you don’t die before you can interact with the Secret Battle Star.

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