A Mysterious Ice Sphere Has Appeared in Fortnite

fortnite ice sphere

Today the 7.20 patch went live on Fortnite and it brought a host of new changes. While this update included a new revolver and the re-deployable glider, developer Epic Games snuck an announced addition into their multiplayer game. Located above Polar Peak a mysterious and large ice sphere is now hovering in the air. Outside of being snow themed, this massive orb appears to have no purpose at the time of writing this.

However, longtime fans of Fortnite will remember “Kevin the Purple Cube” which also randomly appeared on the map following an update. Unlike the cube, this massive ice sphere will completely blind any player who gets to close. This whitening effect is only temporary, but it’s clear that this object is defending itself like the cube did.

What will be interesting to see is how Epic Games incorporates this sphere over the coming weeks. Will it remain stagnant or will it follow the cube’s pattern and move around the map? This follows a small wave of teasers and odd changes appearing both in and out of game. One of which involves a snow mound with a massive health bar ticking down and another is the image of the Ice King with the phrase “No Signal” over it.

It’s clear we are building up to something, but only time will tell what that is.

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