Heroes of the Storm Imperius: Abilities, Class, & Release Date

Imperius Heroes of the Storm HOTS

Heroes of the Storm’s newest hero has arrived in the Nexus and he’s looking to bring some divine justice to Blizzard’s MOBA. Imperius is an archangel that made his first appearance in Diablo 3. Revealed on the Heroes of the Storm’s Portuguese Twitter account, Imperius is a Melee Warrior in the bruiser archetype.

His abilities allow him to sustain and duel foes in either team fights or when solo laning. He sports some quality sustain and his skills allow him to bully other foes and even chase down targets that are trying to flee from battle.

Here’s a breakdown of all his talents:

  • Trait – Valorous Brand: This brand is applied to any Hero damaged by one of Imperius’ basic abilities. You can mark a foe up to three times – one per skill – and his next basic attack on a branded target will do increased damage.
  • Q – Celestial Charge: This skill allows Imperius to lunge forward and impale every Hero he hits. It can be used to move across terrain, engage in fights, or as an escape tool.
  • W – Solarion’s Fire: When trigger, Imperus launches a wave of fire at his foes. If an enemy is hit in the middle of the wave they will not only be slowed but take increased damage from the attack.
  • E – Molten Armor: Once Molten Armor is cast Imperius will be covered in flames which attack nearby Heroes. Imperius is healed via the amount of damage dealt to Heroes with Molten Armor. While this skill can strike multiple foes, it’s much more effective on a single target.
  • Heroic 1 – Angelic Armaments: This spell creates several light swords that circle around Imperius. These will act as a shield to soak damage, however, if the shield is not broken Imperius can fire the swords out at a target.
  • Heroic 2 – Wrath of the Angiris: Imperius’ second Heroic allows him to grab a foe and lift them up to the heavens. This not only removes Imperius and that target from combat, but the player can designate their landing spot within the short timeframe. When they hit the ground, the target will be briefly stunned and take damage.

Imperius is a very potent Hero that can clearly shake up team fights. His ability to isolate targets and remove them from play can easily swing entire matches. One of his talents – Valorous Pursuit – allows him to literally teleport to anyone he has currently branded anywhere on the map. This not only makes him incredibly dangerous in team fights but for those trying to hide in the backline.

At the time of writing this, Imperius is not live on the main servers of Heroes of the Storm. However, you can play Imperius on the HotS PTR (Public Test Realm). Remember, some of his abilities and talents may change before he goes live.

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