Kirby’s Epic Yarn 3DS: Release Date, Changes & More

kirby's epic yarn


Kirby has always felt like a series living in Mario’s shadow but that hasn’t stopped it from putting out quality games.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is coming to the Nintendo 3DS, the handheld that won’t quit, later this year which will introduce the title to potentially a whole new set of fans.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn originally launched on the original Wii but Nintendo has found a way to get the game running on the Nintendo 3DS hardware. We’ve seen Luigi’s Mansion, originally a GameCube title, come to the 3DS so seeing something like this isn’t too out of the ordinary.

Here’s what you need to know about Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the Nintendo 3DS.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn 3DS Release Date


The release date for Kirby’s Epic Yarn was released in a tweet instead of a Nintendo Direct that many fans expected to see in January. The release date is currently set for March 8, 2019, which means we’re still a couple months out from seeing this title.

If you’re excited about this title you might want to check out the plethora of other Kirby titles available on the Nintendo 3DS. In fact, we didn’t even know how many Kirby games truly released for the console until we looked it up for the sake of this article.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn initially released back in 2010 so it’s a roughly 9-year-old game making the leap from home console to handheld. It was very well received upon initial release as it has a score of 86 on Metacritic.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn 3DS Changes From Wii

kirby's epic yarn

In many cases, if a game makes the jump from the Wii that would mean it receives a notable boost in resolution since the Wii only output at 480p.

However, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is going from the Wii to the 3DS and not the Switch. This actually means the resolution will be cut to 240p, but it won’t look all that terrible considering the size of the 3DS screen.

We’ve seen games like Luigi’s Mansion, Captain Toad and Yoshi’s Woolly World make the jump from consoles to 3DS and the games looked fine.

Every stage from the Wii version is included but the 3DS version does have some additions like Ravel Abilities that will power Kirby up. There are also some new mini-games featuring familiar characters like King Dedede and Meta Knight, new furniture to personalize and decorate Kirby’s Pad and a new Devilish mode that adds more challenge to each stage.

Amiibo functionality will be a thing with Kirby’s Epic Yarn on 3DS which means you’ll have a use for all of your Kirby amiibo. We don’t yet know what amiibo will be useful with the game but we do know Kirby will get different hats with different amiibo.

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