Pokemon Go Field Research List: January 2019

pokemon go field research list


Pokemon Go’s new Field Research tasks for January 2019 are now live.

Users on The Silph Road Subreddit as well as the official The Silph Road website have compiled a list of all the new Field Research Tasks. The list will continue to be updated as more tasks and rewards are chronicled. If new research tasks are added to coincide with special in-game events, we’ll be sure to include those in the list as well.

By completing seven different research tasks on seven different days, you can get a Research Breakthrough. According to Niantic, this month each the Research Breakthrough you earn will award you a randomly selected Legendary Pokemon including Ho-Oh and Lugia. You can even encounter their shiny versions, as some The Silph Road Subreddit users have found.

If you start your Field Research tasks track on Jan. 1, you can get up to four Legendary Pokemon. However, if you started the track in late December and complete the seventh Field Research task on either Jan. 1, 2 or 3 and then continue completing a Field Research task every day after that, you can catch up to five Legendary Pokemon.

Here is the current Pokemon Go Field Research list for January 2019:

*Chance of shiny encounter

Evolve & Power Up

  • Evolve a Pokemon – Eevee* or Sunkern*
  • Power up Pokemon five times – Bulbasaur*, Charmander* or Squirtle*


  • Make three great throws – Gastly*
  • Make three great throws in a row – Onix
  • (Unconfirmed) Make three great throws in a row – Onix
  • Make five great curveball throws in a row – Spinda
  • Make five nice throws – Bidoof or Voltorb
  • Make three excellent throws in a row – Larvitar*


  • Battle in a Gym – Mankey or Machop
  • Battle in a Gym five times – Machop
  • Win a Gym Battle – Bulbasaur*, Charmander*, or Squirtle*
  • Win three Gym Battles – Jynx
  • Win five Gym Battles – Lapras
  • Battle in a Raid – Drowzee*
  • Win a level three or higher Raid – Omanyte*
  • Use a super effective Charged Move in a Gym Battle seven times – Electabuzz


  • Catch 10 ice-type Pokemon – Kabuto*
  • Catch 10 ground-type Pokemon – Sandshrew*
  • Catch five fighting-type Pokemon – Magnemite*
  • Catch 10 Pokemon – Magikarp* or Houndour*
  • Catch five Pokemon with Weather Boost – Poliwag or Vulpix
  • Catch a dragon-type Pokemon – Dratini*
  • Use five berries to catch Pokemon – Growlithe*
  • Use 10 Pinap Berries to catch Pokemon – Magikarp*

    Egg Hatching

  • Hatch an Egg – Exeggcute or Snubbull*
  • Hatch three Eggs – Magmar
  • Hatch five Eggs – Chansey or Three Rare Candies


  • Send two Gifts to Friends – Gastly*
  • Transfer three Pokemon – Vulpix
  • Spin 10 PokeStops or Gyms – Five Silver Pinap Berries, five PokeBalls, one Pinap Berry, three Razz Berries or 200 Stardust
  • Earn five Candies while walking with your Buddy Pokemon – Tentacruel
  • Trade a Pokemon – Manectric

    Hoenn Event (Until Jan. 29)

  • Evolve 3 Wurmple – Trapinch
  • Hatch 2 Eggs – Nosepass
  • Catch 10 Zigzagoon or Taillow – 1,000 Stardust
  • Here’s an infographic from user Kryd0s on The Silph Road Subreddit to better visualize the Field Research tasks:

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