5 Talking Tom Gold Run Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Talking Tom is one of the more recognizable faces to emerge from mobile gaming.

The furry lil’ tomcat and his crew of fellow critters have been in a ton of games and even cartoon episodes. Besides tending to the needs of Talking Tom in his animal raising titles, he’s also playable in endless runners. The one that seems to be the best of ’em em all is Talking Tom Gold Run, which is all about retrieving gold bricks as you run down the road and dodge incoming obstacles. There’s a method to all the gold brick collecting madness, which is why we’ve put together a tips guide for all your endless runner needs.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Talking Tom Gold Run:

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1. Stay Attentive, Keep Collecting, and Always Remain Victorious During Boss Fights

Talking Tom Gold Run

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• Like most endless runner’s, it’s up to you to maneuver your character across three lanes as they run off on their own. Your main objective is to collect as many gold bars as you can before you ultimately get taken down by some sort of hazard. In order to make the most of each run and go for as long as possible, keep an eye out for power-up’s that boost your critter’s capabilities. Whenever you spot an incoming power-up, move into that lane ASAP and make sure you pick it up. The next few moments of your run become all the more rewarding thanks to power-up’s.

• You should also keep any eye out for special zones that are marked by tunnels – once you make your way in, you’ll be rewarded with extra gold bricks and be transported to a whole new area. This new environment usually switches up your character’s maneuvering capabilities and gives you even more gold bricks to recover. Try to survive for as long as you can – you’ll eventually catch up to that tricky thief and get a huge reward. Go even longer and you’ll get into a tough boss fight. If you end up winning, you’ll get a few priceless diamonds for your efforts!

2. Spend Those Gold Bricks on Treasure Filled Vaults From Time to Time

• As you acquire hundreds upon hundreds of gold bricks, you’ll get to spend them on a few things. Besides putting them towards the building and upgrading of houses, you can spend them on Vault rewards. Once you completely build and upgrade a critter’s home, spend your next few run’s getting enough gold bricks to purchase a Vault.

• Vaults tend to reward you with power-up upgrades, plus extra dynamite and diamonds. Speaking of dynamite, don’t waste them on free retries when you wipe out during a run. Just use all those free video advertisement viewing opportunities to get back into the game. What you should be putting your dynamite towards are Diamond Vaults (for obvious reasons). And lastly, don’t forget to pick up your Timed Vaults!

3. Upgrading and Building Homes Definitely Has Its Benefits

Talking Tom Gold Run

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• See that bricks icon on the main menu? Tapping on that icon takes you to the home of the latest character you’ve just unlocked. Here is where you’ll be working to build and upgrade every portion of their sweet digs. Every time you perform an upgrade, your score multiplier goes up by x1. That multiplier stays active from that point forward, so upgrade a critter’s home as much as possible before you head out on your next run. It’s worth getting into a new run with a higher score multiplier so you can nab even more gold bricks!


• Another icon on the main menu you’ll wanna tap on from time to time is the treasure chest. That chest can usually be seen resting behind your character. Playing the game while it’s online is a must. That way, you’ll be able to watch video advertisements. Those same ads must be viewed in order to claim the rewards that are enclosed within those treasure chests. If you have no problem watching a few ads back to back, then keep opening those chests and spinning that roulette wheel in order to claim all those extra goodies!

5. Let Those Advertisements Work for You!

Talking Tom Gold Run

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• We’ve mentioned the inclusion of video ads numerous times already. And we’ve also mentioned that it’s worth playing the game while you’re online in order to watch those same ads. Watching video ads comes in handy for a few different reasons – they give you free stage retries, open up free treasure chests, and help double the amount of collected bricks you’ve claimed after finishing a stage run.

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