5 Idle Supermarket Tycoon – Shop Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Shop

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It seems like mobile games are looking to train future business owners.

A quick visit to your mobile games storefront reveals a ton of titles that are all about running your own companies. One of the latest games to follow that trend is Idle Supermarket Tycoon – Shop. This self-explanatory game is all about running the best supermarket chain in town. Performing such a tall task entails opening/upgrading your in-store departments, properly managing your finances, improving your staff’s work output etc. Our essential tips guide will transform your small-town supermarket into a worldwide phenomenon in no time!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Idle Supermarket Tycoon – Shop:

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1. Be Smart With Your Supermarket Upgrades and Building Management Spending

Idle Supermarket Tycoon - Shop

Digital Things

• Your very own supermarket operates on its own, but you’re in control of making it run even better. The cash you earn can be put towards upgrading certain departments of your newly opened store, such as the Bakery and and Fresh Fruit sections. As soon as you start the game, be sure to put your earnings towards upgrading your in-store departments. You also need to spend some money on making sure your Cashiers and Parking Lot are up to snuff as well. Spread out your upgrade spending so everything receives equal improvements across the board. For a better idea of which department is less profitable and in need of some upgrades, click on the graph icon in the top right corner of the screen.

• Eventually, you’ll acquire enough cash to open up an entirely new department within your supermarket. As soon as you add a new facility to your shop, upgrade it as much as possible. You’ll want to make sure your newest supermarket offering levels up to the point where it runs just as efficiently as your other departments. Properly manage your supermarket’s various facilities and your operation will turn you into a digital trillionaire! It may take a while to finally unlock a new area for your supermarket, but it’ll happen eventually.

2. Don’t Forget to Unlock and Improve Your Epic Upgrades

• The premium currency that this game offers are gems. And the one main item you’ll put them towards are Epic Upgrades. Since gems are pretty hard to come by, you’ll want to prioritize which Epic Upgrades you should buy and upgrade.

• Focus on getting the types of Epic Upgrades that primarily deal with financial upgrades, such as Tax Cuts, Labor Subsidy, and VIP Marketing. As for the rest of the Epic Upgrades, feel free to go with whichever upgrades you feel deserves more attention. Reducing the improvement costs for your departments sounds like the best way to go next, don’t you think?

3. Completely Fill the Ad Campaign Meter on a Daily Basis

• The Ad Campaign Option gives you the chance to experience a double boost in the revenue you earn. You’ll always want to make sure you earn the maximum amount of time this booster gives you (six hours). Just be prepared to watch six video advertisements in a row to make that happen. By the way, you’ll usually be gifted with a few gems at the end of this task. Do this on a daily basis and your funds will increase to insane levels!

4. Collect all Your Truck Payloads Once They All Appear

• Another way to earn a few bucks is by simply tapping on your cash trucks. Once all four of them park next to your establishment, collect ’em all! It’s always best to handle all of your supermarket management duties and wait until all your cash trucks arrive. No need to check every few seconds to see if one or two of them have shown up yet.

5. Prepare to Watch a Ton of Video Advertisements! Oh and Don’t Forget to Complete Your Missions

• This idle mobile game gives you several chances at earning numerous bonuses. These bonuses include extra customers, an express lane that attends to your customers in a quicker fashion, and VIP customers that gift you with more money.

• If you’re already used to watching in-game video advertisements to earn those types of rewards, then you’ll have no issue performing the same objective here. On another note, check in on the red exclamation point in the top right corner every now and then. This is where your Missions lie. Whichever mission is active at the time, try to complete it ASAP so you can earn all the extra cash and gems they award you.

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