5 Matchington Mansion Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Matchington Mansion is the best of two worlds in a mobile game sense.

As the recipient of an old mansion, it’s up to you and your helpers to add some life to it. You’ll need stars in order to make that happen and the only way to do that is by completing match-three puzzles. These pillow matching puzzles aren’t exactly easy, so it won’t be that easy to get the stars you need to customize your new home. With our extra aid, you’ll end up finding the best puzzle strategies and gain all the extra coins/hearts you need. Your mansion will soon become the finest one there is!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Matchington Mansion:

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1. Coins are Essential!

Matchington Mansion

Firecraft Studios Ltd.

• Before you even start up your first puzzle venture, make sure you link the game to your Facebook account. This action grants you 500 coins free of charge. Coins are needed in order to retry a level after failing it, plus you can put them towards purchasing variations of each piece of furniture you own.

• After getting that first amount of free coins, just complete each stage in order to get your hands on some more. You can also acquire coins from the messages and packages Antonio occasionally brings to you. When you end up with a total of more than a thousand coins, go ahead and splurge on some new mansion items. But if you’re below that amount, save those precious coins for your stage retries.

2. Take Advantage of Those Special Puzzle Pieces

Firecraft Studios Ltd.

• There are certain matching opportunities that result in the creation of special pillow pieces. Matching up four pillows gives you a double Firecracker. Depending on the direction this double Firecracker is facing, you can swap it with a pillow to help it clear out an entire row/column. Sometimes it’s best to blow up the surrounding pillows you need in order to fulfill a stage’s requirements by double tapping the Firecracker. Matching up four pillows in a square formation gives you a single Firecracker. This type of Firecracker creates a small explosion around it once you swap it or double tap it.

• An L or T shaped formation match produces a Big Firecracker, which is capable of clearing out a ton of pillows in a single move. Combining Firecrackers creates even bigger pillow clearing moments, by the way. The best special puzzle piece of all (the Rainbow) is created by matching up five pillows in a row. Swapping the Rainbow piece with a pillow helps clear out all the pillows associated with the pillow color you swapped places with. Matching up a Rainbow with a Firecracker is the most rewarding move you can ever make in Matchington Mansion, so take advantage of it when the opportunity arrises!

3. And Make Sure You Utilize Your Boosters Carefully

Matchington Mansion

Firecraft Studios Ltd.

• As your progress through the game, you’ll get your hands on special booster items. You won’t get a whole lot of ’em for free, so be smart with your usage of them. When you’re down to five moves during a stage, whip out a Silver Spoon to clear out any obstacles that are preventing you from clearing it. And the starter Firecrackers should only be used after you fail a stage and retry it from the very beginning. The second time around, use your Firecracker booster to give you the extra edge you need!

4. Try to Complete a Puzzle With as Many Moves Left as Possible

Matchington Mansion

Firecraft Studios Ltd.

• If you manage to complete a stage with a good amount of moves left, those leftover moves transform into special pillow pieces. Once they go off, the matches made by them end up giving you some extra coins. Sometimes it’s best to leave over a few special pillow pieces of your own from time to time. By the time you complete a stage with a bunch of moves left, your special pieces and the ones created by your leftover moves explode and create even bigger matches. All of that means you’ll gain even more coins!

5. Visit Some Random Strangers From Time to Time

Matchington Mansion

Firecraft Studios Ltd.

• After you complete a stage, take some time to visit other people’s mansions. These friends of yours tend to have new versions of the furniture you already own. Plus they only cost a few coins to own. The stars you earn come your way after clearing a stage.

• Those stars tend to place new items within your mansion and unlock new rooms. The much prettier renditions of those items always come from random strangers’ own custom mansions. Visit up to three random mansions before you take on your next puzzle challenge.

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