Pokemon Go Adventure Box: What’s Inside?

pokemon go adventure box


A new Special Box has been introduced in the in-game shop of Pokemon Go. Here’s what’s inside the Pokemon Go Adventure Box, as well as all the other Special Boxes in the shop.

Adventure Box – 1,480 Coins

  • 12 Super Incubators
  • 2 Egg Incubators
  • 4 Lucky Eggs
  • 3 Lure Modules

    Special Box – 480 Coins

  • 2 Egg Incubators
  • 20 Ultra Balls
  • 2 Premium Raid Passes
  • 1 Lucky Egg

    Great Box – 780 Coins

  • 10 Pinap Berries
  • 4 Super Incubators
  • 6 Star Pieces
  • 3 Premium Raid Passes

    Ultra Box – 1,480 Coins

  • 3 Super Incubators
  • 4 Lucky Eggs
  • 16 Premium Raid Passes
  • 3 Lure Modules
  • The Adventure Box coincides with the new Equinox event. During the duration of the Equinox event from now until March 26 at 1:00 p.m. PDT, grass-type Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild and will appear as bosses in Raid Battles, according to Niantic. Lunatone and Solrock have switched hemispheres and will stay that way even after the event is over. New moves Acid Spray and Leaf Tornado have also been added to the game. Players have also found shiny versions of both Lunatone and Solrock. New Research Tasks have also been added just for the event.

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