Will Dead by Daylight’s Evil Dead DLC Have a Killer?

Dead by Daylight Evil Dead DLC Killer


The big news for Dead by Daylight fans out of PAX East was the announcement that Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise would be coming to the game as a playable survivor.

Most DLCs that have released in Dead by Daylight have come with a new survivor and a new killer which means players might be expecting a new killer when Ash comes out.

BHVR has given no indication a killer will be coming with this DLC and that’s because it seems like there isn’t one on the horizon.

That’s not to say it is never coming but it certainly doesn’t appear that will be the case, especially since the DLC will be here in just a matter of days.

As you might know, the Leatherface DLC that brought him into the game only came with a killer and there was no survivor to speak of.

Leatherface Dead by Daylight

BHVRLeatherface came without a survivor.

It looks like this might be a way of balancing that out as Ash Williams appears to be the only survivor coming with this DLC.

A lot can change in a matter of a few days so it’s possible a new killer could be on the horizon.

If we had to guess, this DLC was planned for quite some time now and it’s even possible it could have been moved up because of the leaks.

Magic 8 Ball says not to expect a killer with this DLC so that’s what we’re sticking with.

Players will be able to get their hands on Ash Williams in Dead by Daylight on April 2. There’s no word on what the pricing will be for the new survivor so stay tuned for that in the near future.

Dead by Daylight is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC. A Nintendo Switch version is coming in later 2019.