Here’s the Maximum Squad Size for The Division 2

The Division 2 Squad Size

The Division 2 has officially released and it’s time to fight back hordes of angry gangsters. Set in Washington D.C., players assume the role of a Division Agent who is tasked with retaking the city and establishing various communities. While you can fight through this world alone, it’s much better with friends. Here is the squad size for The Division 2, along with what activities we recommend bringing buddies with.

The Division 2 has a maximum of 4 players per squad, regardless of the activity. You will unlock the ability to invite others once you’ve finished both prologue missions and spoken with the Quartermaster. After that, you can either invite your friends, join random groups, or party up with players you see in safe houses.

Keep in mind, The Division 2 will scale the enemy levels to the highest person in your party. So if someone is level 20, the enemies will be raised to that rank. Because of this, we suggest just playing with others that are similar in level to ensure that you’re not getting instantly killed by a single bullet. Most of the campaign missions are great for co-op so consider enabling matchmaking before each level.

However, the one activity we highly recommend bringing a group for is the Dark Zone. This PvPvE activity is one of the toughest challenges in The Division 2. Since enemy players can steal your loot, bringing a group of four can quickly shift a battle in your favor. Strongholds will also require a group since they are some of the toughest modes in the entire game.

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