10 AFK Arena Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

A new mobile arena full of heroes and beasts has arrived!

Lilith Games has crafted a brand new mobile RPG simply known as AFK Arena. Within this fantastical RPG adventure, you’ll lead a party of loyal heroes as you embark upon a grand campaign. You’ll also endure a host of challenging trials within the dreaded Dark Forest and utilize all sorts of helpful mechanics within the Ranhorn. AFK Arena is a deceptively deep game, so allow us to push you towards the tips that will turn you into a battle-tested master.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for AFK Arena:

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1. Focus on Trekking Through the Campaign Until You Unlock Most of the Game’s Other Modes & Features

AFK Arena tasks you with throwing yourself headfirst into PvP battles, an ascending floor of enemies to vanquish, bounty quests, and a host of other battle modes to enjoy. But before you can do any of that, you’ll need to complete certain stages within the Campaign.

• Stick to completing the levels within this mode for a while. Once you make it to the higher stage numbers tied to the second collection of campaign levels, a good number of the side modes will be unlocked for play. Tap on the grey buildings tied to the game’s locked modes to discover which stage needs to be beaten in order to unlock each one.

2. Let Your Heroes Destroy the Opposition, Then Upgrade Them After Each Completed Battle

• Eventually, you’ll amass a massive array of heroes that will fight for your cause. The max number of heroes allowed to fight during each battle is five. You should consider placing your strength-based heroes in the frontline of each battle and place your agility- and intelligence-based heroes in the backline. Or go ahead and put your most leveled up heroes at the front, then place your lower-level heroes behind them. Either party setup should work out just fine.

• On the party setup screen before a battle, tap on the icons in the top left and right corners of the screen to get an idea of the bonuses that come with certain hero arrangements. Build your party accordingly from that point forward to take advantage of those various stat boosts. Once a fight finally begins, be sure to activate the “Auto” option so your heroes activate their super moves as soon as they’re ready to go. Once you unlock the “Battle Speed Feature,” set it to max so you run through battles as quickly as possible. After every completed battle, upgrade one of your heroes via several level up’s and be sure to outfit everyone with your newly acquired equipment.

3. You Should Go for the “Summon 10” Option When Trying to Recruit New Heroes

AFK Arena

Lilith Games

• Adding new heroes to your army can be dome by taking a trip to “The Noble Tavern.” You’ll be given all sorts of ways to recruit new characters via different types of collectibles. You should always wait until you have a hefty amount of those items before you head into the tavern – that way, you’ll have enough of each item to spend on the Summon 10 option. This is the only hero recruiting option you should rely on – you’re better off adding 10 heroes to your party at one time instead of recruiting a single one who may not be worth the currency you just wasted on him/her.

4. Reset Your Common Heroes at the “Rickety Cart” and Use Everything They Give Back to You on Your Higher Tier Heroes

• The best heroes in AFK Arena happen to be the ones marked by a “Rare” or “Elite” rating. At first, you’ll need to rely on Common-ranked heroes during your first set of battles. Upgrade them alongside the rest of your higher ranked heroes until you collect a few more Rare or Elite warriors. Once this happens, take a trip to the Rickety Cart so you can reset your Common heroes. The useful resources you get back from this process can then be put towards upgrading your higher-tier heroes and equipping them with your newly reset Common hero’s gear.

5. Make a Trip to the Temple of Ascension Once You Have Three Copies of a Particular Hero

• Remember how we mentioned that the Summon 10 option is the best way to recruit new heroes? That method also works in conjunction with this bit of advice. Having a bunch of the exact same recruited heroes on hand gives you a higher chance at raising a hero’s star/Ascension level. Once you have one copy of a hero who’s properly leveled up and two unleveled copies of that same character, head off to the Temple of Ascension. Here is where you can sacrifice those two weaker hero copies to further upgrade the hero copy that’s ready to get even stronger!

6. Select Relics That Boost Your Health and Defense During Labyrinth Playthroughs and Don’t Forget to Employ the Use of Assistant Heroes

• “The Dark Forest” is home to the “Arcane Labyrinth,” which is a grid-based battle mode that resets its layout every 48-hours. As you make your way along each grid and complete battles, you’ll come across chests that gift you with party stat-boosting relics.

• The relics you should always equip are the ones that gift your party with some sort of health, energy, and defense-based advantage. An extra edge in either of those stat departments should help your party survive a lot longer in the long run. Take advantage of the “Fountain of Vitality,” “Abandoned Wagon” and “Mystic” grid options every time you come across them – the benefits that come from these grids are pretty much essential!

7. Make Good Use of the Other Modes Within the Dark Forest and “Ranhorn”

• The Dark Forest and Ranhorn modes are homes to a myriad of extra features. The Dark Forest happens to have all of the battle based modes. The Ranhorn region houses the game’s “Store,” Rickety Cart, Noble Tavern, Temple of Ascension, “Resonating Crystal,” “Library” and “Guild” features.

• Once everything’s unlocked in both modes, be sure to spend some time taking advantage of everything they give you access to. Spend a day beating one of the main battle modes within The Dark Forest to net some awesome rewards. And don’t log off the game until you utilize every feature available within Ranhorn. For example, hooking up with an always active Guild is the best way to go!

8. Head Over to the Chat, Add Some Friends and Use Them to Boost Your Heroes Numbers

• So AFK Arena’s friends option lets you add up to 30 online buddies to your friends list. The best way to earn some new friends is by heading into the game’s “Chat” menu to seek out active players.

• Fill up your 30 friends list quickly so you’ll always have a huge offering of “Companion Points” to collect from friends and recruit heroes with. Stick to this method on a daily basis and you should regularly get the chance to recruit a ton of new heroes from The Noble Tavern and Library. Just be sure to repay the favor to your friends so they have a reason to gift you with more Companion Points!

9. Stay op Top of Your Completed Quests and Advance Towards Your Unfulfilled Ones

• Over on the main menu, the “Quests” tab sits at the top right of the screen. You should always complete the full list of Dailies presented to you – collect 100 activity points on a daily basis so you can collect all the chests associated with Dailies. Take note of your still unfinished Dailies, Weeklies, and Campaign quests from time to time so you can immediately advance towards completing them. This method helps you focus on an uncompleted quest so you can get it done in a much quicker fashion.

10. Don’t Forget About Completing the Goals Attached to Events and Pick the Right Time to Crack Open Your Golden Chest

• Another set of achievements you should regularly fulfill are the ones tied to “Events.” Events usually gift you with great items just for logging in on different days, while other event types give you a certain number of quests to complete in a single day. Head into the Events tab every now and then so you can figure out which new goals are available for completion.

• Once you’re ready to end your daily play session of AFK Arena, tap on the golden chest on the main menu before you say goodbye – collect a healthy serving of those “AFK Timer” rewards that got collected in the background while you played. Don’t crack that golden chest open until you’ve spent a lengthy amount of time playing for the day – the longer you wait, the bigger and better those AFK Timer rewards will be!

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