All Ability & Weapon Ark Locations in RAGE 2

RAGE 2 Ark Locations

RAGE 2 is all about decimating your foes with over the top abilities and weapons. Sadly, you will need to explore the world to obtain the vast majority of these items. Contained within Arks, almost all of these locations are optional and can be obtained at any time. However, with such a huge map locating all of the Arks in RAGE 2 can rather be tricky.

There are 13 Arks, one of which is tied to a story mission and can only be opened during a specific quest. Arks will not open unless you kill every enemy guarding it and getting a new ability/weapon initiates a brief tutorial. Given how important these powers are, we strongly recommend going for the low-level Arks right away.

Here is where every Ark is in RAGE 2:

1. Junkers Pass Ark – Twisting Canyons

RAGE 2 Junkers Pass Ark

This will probably be the first Ark you come across in RAGE 2. There’s a minimal amount of defense in this location, so you shouldn’t have any trouble. Along with the Ark, you can find a single Ark Chest and five storage containers.

2. Quake Hill Ark – Twisting Canyons

RAGE 2 Quake Hills Ark

Looking for the Vortex ability? You can find this skill in the Quake Hill Ark that’s just northeast of Vineland. It’s another low-level area, so you shouldn’t encounter much resistance. Given how much fun this ability is, we recommend visiting this Ark right away.

3. Great Crack Ark – Broken Tact

RAGE 2 Great Crack Ark

An Ark relatively close to the Junkers Pass Ark, head north into the Broken Tact. You can find this Ark along the cliffside overlooking a bottomless pit.

4. Gunbarrel Ark – Broken Tact

RAGE 2 Gunbarrel Ark

You can only gain access to this vault by completing the first mission for Marshell. This quest happens fairly early, so you should have the shotgun within the first two hours of RAGE 2.

5. Canyon Cove Ark – Broken Tact

RAGE 2 Canyon Cove Ark

Rated at level 5, this Ark is in the southeast corner of the Broken Tact region. Slightly hidden behind a destroyed building, you won’t have too much trouble unlocking this Ark. Just be patient if you are visiting here in the early game.

6. Spikewind Ark – Broken Tact

RAGE 2 Spikewind Ark

This is the first Ark on our list we strongly recommend going for after you’ve obtained additional upgrades, abilities, and weapons. There are a lot of enemies fighting over this ark, along with a pretty strong boss. Make sure to take advantage of the two factions fighting and focus the boss first at a distance.

7. Deadlypipe Ark – Sekreto Wetlands

RAGE 2 Deadlypipe Ark

Another difficult Ark, this one is guarded by a few soldiers and a boss. Thankfully, there is a lot of cover and if you use the buildings around the Ark you can block most of his attacks. This Ark is located directly south of the Lagooney trader camp.

8. Dank Catacomb Ark – Sekreto Wetlands

RAGE 2 Dank Catacomb Ark

Between Lagooney and Kvasir’s laboratory, this level three Ark can be accessed fairly early on. Make sure to stop by and visit this Ark when you are visiting Kvasir the first time in the wetlands.

9. Shrouded Vault Ark – Dune Sea

RAGE 2 Shrouded Vault Ark

Accessing this Ark will take a bit more time than the others. In order to even open this Ark you will need to complete the Shrouded Sub Station Alpha and Shrouded Sub Station Bravo. Blowing up the cores in both will unlock the door to the Ark and let you obtain the Charged Pulse Cannon. You can see the location of the two sub stations in the picture above. They are directly to the southwest and northwest of this Ark.

10. Strongbox Ark – Torn Plains

RAGE 2 Strongbox Ark

It’s very easy to pass this Ark without even knowing. Located deep inside of a canyon, you can find the Strongbox Ark’s entrance along a road that’s north of the Chazcar Derby: Torn Plains Track. For those wanting the rocket launcher, this is the Ark you want to visit.

11. Earthscar Ark – Torn Plains

RAGE 2 Earthscar Ark

With only a level three difficulty, this Ark should be completed before you start doing campaign missions. You can find this Ark behind the town on a small mountain overlooking some destroyed and buried buildings.

12. Needle Falls Ark – The Wilds

RAGE 2 Needle Falls Ark

One of two Arks in The Wild, you can find this Ark on top of the massive waterfalls. Unless you’re using the Icarus, you’ll need to take one of the side roads to get to the top of the waterfalls and access this Ark.

13. Greenhaven Ark – The Wilds

RAGE 2 Greenhaven Ark

Do not go for this Ark until you have a lot of weapons and upgrades. This is a level 10 difficulty Ark and is the most challenging one in RAGE 2. You will need to find a two-stage boss and some minor enemies to even access this Ark. Additionally, if you want the Ark Chests be prepared to fight waves of Mutants. Approach with caution!

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