Armored Mewtwo Max CP & Stats in Pokemon GO

armored mewtwo max cp


Pokemon GO just welcomed Armored Mewtwo into Raid Battles.

Those that manage to beat it in battle have a chance to catch the Pokemon. Armored Mewtwo will be available to fight from now until July 31 at 1 p.m. PDT, according to Niantic.

Here are Armored Mewtwo’s Max CP and Stats, according to GamePress:

Max CP (Level 20): 1821
Max CP (Level 40): 3187

Attack: 182
Defense: 278
Stamina: 214

Armored Mewtwo is weak to bug-, dark- and ghost-type moves and resistant to fighting- and psychic-type moves. It has the Fast Moves Confusion and Iron Tail as well as the Charge Moves Rock Slide, Dynamic Punch, Earthquake and Future Sight.

Let’s quickly list the Max CP and stats of regular Mewtwo from GamePress while we’re at it.

Max CP (Level 20): 2387
Max CP (Level 40): 4178

Attack: 300
Defense: 182
Stamina: 214

So by comparing the stats of the two Pokemon, we can see that Armored Mewtwo is as if regular Mewtwo had its attack and defense stats swapped. Now you may think that makes Armored Mewtwo strictly inferior to regular Mewtwo, but that’s not really the case.

Not only is Mewtwo very bulky, making it harder to kill in PvP, but it’s movepool is excellent. It has access to a wide variety of moves which all can cover a large number of threats in both PvP and PvE. Future Sight, Dynamic Punch and Rock Slide are by far the strongest Charge Moves of their types according to GamePress. Rock Slide and Dynamic Punch are also two-bar moves which makes them very versatile. Earthquake isn’t too bad either. However, the same can’t be said for its Quick Moves. Pretty much the only viable one out of the two is Confusion, according to GamePress. Confusion is a great move, but we wish it had Psycho Cut like regular Mewtwo so that it can charge its Charge Moves faster.

Lugia may be bulkier and Mewtwo still leads the ranks in terms of damage per second according to GamePress, Armored Mewtwo is still a formidable opponent for anyone willing to invest in its power and moveset.

The optimal moveset for Armored Mewtwo is largely up to you depending on what you want it to be strong against, but GamePress recommends Confusion with Rock Slide and Dynamic Punch. But again, you can’t really go wrong with anything so long as you use Confusion over Iron Tail.

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