NBA 2K20 Demo Coming in August: Release Date & Platforms

NBA 2K20 Demo

2K Sports A demo drops soon for NBA 2K20.

The latest entry in the long-running basketball simulation franchise, NBA 2K20, hits store shelves in September but fans of the game will get a much earlier look.

2K revealed a demo will be available for players to try out the game well in advance and have the ability to try out various MyPlayer options to see what fits their playstyle.

Your MyPlayer has become one of the most important aspects of NBA 2K over the years so having a demo that lets you experiment with what works for you will be a very important aspect going forward.

As for what this means for the traditional Prelude mode, we’ve reached out for clarification and will update this post with what we learn.

NBA 2K20 Release Date and Platforms

The NBA 2K20 demo drops August 21 at 12:01 a.m. PST/3:01 a.m. EST where it’ll be available for Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch players.

Last year with the 2K19 prelude, players only got access to it if they were on the Xbox or PS4 so seeing the Switch included heer is a nice surprise and welcome addition.

PC players aren’t as lucky as this demo won’t be making an appearance there, making it the only platform without having the option get a head start.

The point of this demo is to get an early headstart on your MyCareer mode and having that content carry over to 2K20 when it officially releases.

If you aren’t happy with your character you’ll always have the option to start over once the main game rolls around but you should have a good idea of what you like and don’t like based on this demo and previous games.

Each year we have different performing archetypes so you could actually find yourself liking a new build this year, which is the point of this demo.

NBA 2K20 launches September 6 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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