Search Between Basement Film Camera, Snowy Stone Head, & Gold Big Rig

Fortnite Basement camera snowy stone head big rig

Another week of Fortnite challenges has been spoiled ahead of their release. Tied to the Blockbuster character, these challenges are a mix of killing foes, consuming items, and finding hidden Battle Stars. One of these Battle Stars appears between the base film camera, a snowy stone head, and a flashy gold big rig. Located in the snow region, this star is one of the easiest to find since all the three objects are relatively close to one another.

(Author’s Note: Since these challenges were leaked ahead of their release there’s a chance they could change. We will update this piece if anything is different on Thursday.)

To find this Battle Star, jump out of the bus and head towards Shifty Shacks. On the left edge of grid C6 you’ll see a raised hill overlooking a road and two houses. This is where the battle star between the basement film camera, stone head, and big rig resides. Land on the hill with the single patch of dirt and run over to this brown spot to find the Battle Star.

Keep in mind, there will be a fair amount of activity in this area on the first day. A lot of people typically go right for these battle stars, so consider grabbing some supplies and weapons at Shifty Shacks before venturing out. Remember, you don’t have to complete any challenge prior to having this star spawn, so we suggest just going for it right as the Blockbuster missions go live.

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