10 Best Fortnite Deathrun/Parkour Maps

Fortnite Best Parkour Deathrun Maps

With the implementation of Fortnite’s Creative Mode, a whole collection of game types have arrived. Two of the most popular are Prop Hunt and Escape maps, with the latter focusing on players jumping around elaborate dangerous mazes. While the Prop Hunt game type tests your cunning, Escape maps will put your maneuvering skills to the test.

When deciding upon our list, we focused on the quality of the map, how fair it is to the player, and how aesthetically pleasing the level design is. Keep in mind these aren’t the only Escape maps, but they are 10 of the best we found during our testing. Make sure to give them a try if you want to prove to your friends who’s the better jumper.

Here are our picks for the top 10 deathrun/parkour maps in Fortnite:

(This list is in no particular order.)

1. Deathrun!

Fortnite Deathrun

Creator: Hellraisergaming
Code: 1992-9149-6271

Starting off our list is a simple, yet intricate course that has you jumping over a floor of spikes. While the map lacks a general theme, every piece is perfectly placed making the jumps simultaneously difficult, yet fair. Spawn points are well placed to ease any frustration when the difficulty ramps up. Perfect for both solo and groups, Hellraisergaming has constructed a fantastic example of what a simple parkour map looks like.

2. Parkour School

Creator: Nvkenworth
Code: 1667-5892-4987

Need some help learning how to land al those tricky jumps in these maps? Parkour School is a training area broken up across 25 different rooms, each of which teaches the player how to make specific jumps. This can be as simple as carrying your momentum to using Impulse Grenades. All of these are important skills to learn both in and out of combat. If you’re new to parkour maps then this is a perfect place to start.

3. Abandoned Pirate Ship Parkour

Creator: Hazza_5238
Code: 9213-3860-5403

A gorgeous and brutally difficult map, Hazza_5238’s Pirate Ship Parkour level is one of the best we’ve come across. The map has a ton of variety, offering a nice collection of puzzles and jumps. Keep in mind, this is an extremely tricky map that may have you pulling your hair out in frustration. Yet, every section is quite fair and there’s never a moment that feels unbalanced in favor of the map. This level also has fantastic visual aesthetic, especially as you progress closer to the ship.

4. Massive Fortnite Deathrun

Fortnite Deathrun

Creator: LordSprinkingham
Code: 8662-6670-8710

Speed and momentum are the keys to success in this deathrun map. Based around a floating castle, players will race across the walls at breakneck paces. Demanding perfect timing, LordSprinkingham has developed a truly brutal map. There’s also a nice level of verticality, as you ascend higher and higher through the structure. Perhaps one of the most challenging parkour levels on our list, this is not for the faint of heart.

5. Cizzorz Deathrun 2.0

Creator: ItzCizzorz
Code: 6509-1069-6161

Probably the most infamous deathrun on our list, Cizzorz map is a trap-filled nightmare that requires perfect timing to survive. Every room tasks players with contending with walls and floors covered in spike traps. Don’t expect to beat this map on your first try, it will break your spirit long before you finish it. Yet, once you get the timing down for dodging the spikes and when you can run through them, this level becomes slightly less tricky. This is a very, very difficult deathrun, especially for those trying to rush through it.

6. Rainbow Dropper 2.0

Creator: Henwy
Code: 6509-1069-6161

And now for something completely different. Henwy’s Rainbow Dropper 2.0 focuses on the player falling through elaborately designed openings until they hit a jump pad. This requires quick timing and a good memory, as users will have to make rapid directional corrections mid-fall. Unique from the rest of our list, this deathrun tests your mind way more than your quick reflexes. Finding the perfect path is immensely satisfying, while the colorful visuals give this map a psychedelic flavor.

7. Escape the Space Station

Creator: Hooshen
Code: 4398-6514-6924

One of the first deathrun maps I ever finished is also one of the best out there. Created by Hooshen, this level tasks players with escaping a space station on the verge of collapse. There are no gimmicks in this map, as it strictly tests your ability to jump, land, and navigate increasingly tougher rooms. With multiple avenues, there are a few different ways to experience this deathrun. If you’re looking for a more relaxed, but tough parkour map than give this one a try.

8. Escape the World

Creator: Adrian17151

If you want something a bit easier than Escape the World might be for you. Set on a strange island, you’ll need to navigate a series of increasingly difficult obstacles if you want to survive. Mixing trap manipulation with old school platforming, Escape the World is a rewarding and challenging experience. This map also has several coins hidden throughout for those who want an extra challenge.

9. The Floor is Lava Parkour

Creator: Terrysboy
Code: 9212-1228-9476

Another slower paced course, The Floor is Lava is simply a bunch of a tricky jumps and familiar parkour mechanics. The path isn’t always clear and discovering the correct route is half the fun. There’s also some nice visual work here, with the city looking as if it’s sinking into a wave of fire. On the difficulty scale this one is pretty low, but it’s a fun experience with friends. We suggest giving this map a try if you are not confident in your fast-paced jumping skills.

10. Default Deathrun

Creator: Icifyed
Code: 4690-7782-0124

Boasting 500 different jumping sections, Icifyed has crafted a gauntlet of punishment for prospective parkour players. What starts out simple, quickly ramps in difficulty as the map progresses. There are a lot of checkpoints, but players will still need to beat some brutal jumping puzzles. This map is the culmination of every type of parkour map we have listed above. Expect this to be the ultimate test for anyone who considers themselves a deathrun master.

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