Fortnite Week 4: Junk Storm Secret Battle Star Location

Fortnite Smash & Grab Secret Battle Star

Another Fortnite Battle Star location has leaked online via the week 4 Loading Screen. Tied to the upcoming loading screen “Junk Storm,” players will need to use the game’s map grid to discover the location of this star. Unlike previous seasons, these battle stars are tied to rotating missions that have replaced Daily Challenges. Completing 3 challenges within the mission will award you the loading screen and ability to hunt down the Battle Star.

For this week, you can find the coordinates for the star on the side of some rubble. Carved into the rock the coordinates I2, I3, and J2, J3 in the bottom right corner. Using our map, we can determine that the week 4 Battle Star appears where these four coordinates intersect. Now load up into a game and drop to the right of Sunny Steps. You’ll want to fly towards a large hill with a tower on it near the cliffs.

Junk Storm Battle Star

Land where the coordinates meet and you should find the secret Battle Star in this location. Keep in mind, there are a few places where the star could be, so check the hill, small rock formation, and tower. This one is pretty out of the way so don’t worry about getting shot at while hunting for the star. Once you grab it, you’ll earn a free Battle Pass tier, so make sure to get it done before the missions rotate.

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