How to Get Iron Crown Loot Boxes in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Iron Crown Loot Boxes

Apex Legends newest event is in full swing and it’s filled with unique cosmetic items for every class. The big-ticket items are the Legendary tier skins and Bloodhound’s heirloom axe. While you can purchase a few items in the store, most of these cosmetic are only obtainable via the Iron Crown loot boxes. Sadly, if you want all the new outfits you need to fork over a lot of real-world money.

Currently, players can only acquire two Iron Crown loot boxes by playing the game. These two loot boxes are unlocked after you deal 25,000 damage and complete 20 daily bounties. Beating each of these two challenges will give you an Iron Crown loot box. After that, you’ll need to manually purchase each loot box. There are a total of 24 items (not including ones available in the store), so it will cost a fair amount of money if you want them all.

Additionally, if you want the Bloodhound heirloom you’ll need to purchase all 24 cosmetic items and then spend an additional 3,400 Apex Coins. However, this heirloom will be added into the loot pool after the event is concluded. Remember, if you want the Iron Crown loot boxes you’ll need to go to the store and select the event tab. Otherwise, you might end up purchasing the normal Apex Packs.

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