How to Unlock the Deadly Overload Upgrade in Gears 5

Gears 5 Deadly Overload Upgrade

There are a lot of entertaining upgrades you can give your little buddy Jack in Gears 5, but one of our personal favorites is the Deadly Overload. Tied to the shield ability, this skill causes Jack’s shield to explode when it finishes. Perfect for any aggressive player that likes to get in the enemy’s face, you can quickly wipe out a group of foes with this ability. However,

To unlock this upgrade you will need to progress to Act 4, Chapter 3. After you regain control of Kat, fight your way through the city until you’re faced with a massive Swamrak. Like the one you fought in the first Act I, blast the blisters to cause a ton of damage to this behemoth. There will be a few on its front and two near the creature’s backside. You shouldn’t have too much trouble killing it since there is a ton of cover and it’s easy to flank.

Once the Swarmak is killed, go into the bar that was on your right when you first arrived in this area. All the way in the back you’ll find the Deadly Overload upgrade among the debris and clutter on the bar. Grabbing it will instantly equip the skill, so don’t worry about spending any of your precious upgrade points. You’ll even have a nice opportunity to try the upgrade out since there’s another wave of Swam hiding in the buildings across the courtyard.

If you’ve been diligent this should be the last “ultimate” upgrade you need for Jack. Now get out there and show the Swarm who’s boss!

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