How to Level Up Your Seasonal Artifact in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Level Up Seasonal Artifact

Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep expansion is less than 24 hours away so it’s time to start looking at all the new content coming very soon. One of the biggest additions to the overall structure is the Seasonal Artifact. Unlocked at Level 7 in your Season Pass, this artifact will not only provide a ton of new perks but also infinitely raise your Light level. Acting as an additional power buff, this Artifact can raise you well beyond the 960 gear cap, allowing you to reach upwards of Light 1,000+. This makes it an invaluable asset, especially for those partaking in Destiny 2’s hardest activities.

To level up your Seasonal Artifact all you need to do is play the game. Just like your Season Pass, the Seasonal Artifact is tied directly to earning experience. The more you earn, the higher your Artifact’s level will rise. Because of this, we suggest utilizing bounties, Patrols, and Public Events when you first start playing. Additionally, considering using a Ghost with the Guiding Light perk, as this increases all XP gains by 10%. Remember, you will need to earn more experience for each subsequent level, so don’t expect this to be an easy grind.

As for the different mods, these are tied to energy just like your armor pieces. This Seasonal Artifact boasts a total of 25 mods and you can only have one equipped in each column at a time. There’s no penalty for swapping them around or trying out new combinations. Feel free to experiment and try out new builds, especially if you are tackling endgame content such as Nightfalls or raids.

Remember, you need to hit Level 7 first on the Season Pass before this artifact will become available. Your artifact, along with the power boost, will vanish when the Season of the Undying concludes.

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