5 Mario Kart Tour Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Nintendo’s Mario Kart is the next iconic gaming franchise to enter the world of mobile gaming!

The mobile edition of that series comes in the form of Mario Kart Tour, an auto-racer that retains the lovable charm and high fun factor of past iterations. All of your favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom make their return for some intense racing, boosting, and shell throwing across familiar tracks. If you want to come in first place on the regular, make sure you utilize the following batch of game-winning advice. It’s time to hit the road with Nintendo’s best and brightest!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Mario Kart Tour:

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1. Choose the Character, Kart and Glider Lineup With the Biggest “Position Points” Total

Mario Kart Tour

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• Over the course of winning races and collecting coins & rubies, you’ll gradually unlock all types of characters, karts, and gliders. Once you participate in a race on a newly unlocked track, it’s always best if you go with the character, kart, and glider combination that yields the biggest payout of Position Points at the start of a race.

• You can choose to leave this option behind once you make your way to higher CC’s since you’ll probably want to go with a combination that works best for you during tougher races. But the first time you hop onto a new track, you should focus on boosting your starting Position Points score with a high-scoring character, kart, and glider set as soon as the race kicks off.

2. Perform as Many Activities as Possible, Even if You’re Not in a Good Race Position

Mario Kart Tour

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• Once you rack up all your starting Position Points during a race, you’ll need to keep earning more by performing all sorts of actions. These actions include pulling off tricks by driving over ramps, landing attacks with the items you send out, collecting coins and pulling off boosts via drifting.

• The recommended control method that’ll help you fulfill all those tasks is as follows – turn on Manual Drift, turn off Smart Steering, turn off Auto-Item and turn on Gyro Handling. Speaking of pulling off tricks, certain stage elements that’ll surely catch your eye usually help you land said tricks. Bumping off the head of the dinosaur and jumping off the water sprouts on the “Dino Dino Jungle” course for example gifts you with a speed boost.

• You’ll always want to earn the maximum amount of stars for completing a track, which is done by pulling off as many Position Points earning actions as possible. Even if you find yourself in a low position within a race, keep performing these actions (especially the drift into boost action that’ll help you pass other racers!) so you’ll still earn a ton of Position Points once the race comes to an end. Nabbing all the stars for a race earns you a few extra coins too, so do your best to finish in the top position and complete a variety of Position Points actions. Taking a loss and still earning a nice amount of Position Points is also a viable option, however.

3. Once You Unlock a New CC Option, Stick With It Until You Unlock the Next One

Mario Kart Tour

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• As your player level increases, you’ll unlock new racing circuit difficulties. Higher difficulty races result in more Position Points coming your way for finishing in first place. Once a new CC becomes available, stick to this speed level for every race you enter afterward.

Mario Kart Tour isn’t too difficult of a game, even on the 150cc and 200cc levels. Once you wrap your head around the drifting & boosting mechanics and memorize the layout of the game’s varied tracks (many of which come from past Mario Kart games you can easily look up!), you won’t have much of an issue finishing in a good position during higher speed races.

• Since your character races on their own and the game keeps them from driving off the track, you won’t have much to worry about while playing this mobile iteration of Mario Kart. It’s always best if you earn that Position Points bonus for completing a race at a higher difficulty and earn even more points due to your overall performance.

4. It’s Worth Keeping an Item On You For the Remainder of a Race Sometimes…

• Whenever you get your hands on an item, go ahead and launch it whenever you’re in a position lower than first place. Take advantage of offensive items that damage your rivals and beneficial items that give you a slight boost or something even greater.

• If you ever find yourself in first place though and have an item in the chamber, try your best to save it for the remainder of the competition. Whenever an offensive item hits you from behind and you have happened to have a saved item behind you, that item will actually absorb the blow of whatever’s trying to make you spin out. So if you ever find yourself ahead of the pack, save your item as a shield of sorts so you won’t get taken out by an incoming shell.

5. Replay Past Races to Farm Player Level Points and Coins

• The truth hurts, but it still must be said – Mario Kart Tour is pretty stingy when it comes to gifting you with free coins and rubies. If you want to refrain from spending any real-world money on the game, you’re going to have to do a whole of race farming in order to rack up a decent amount of coins and rubies. Make it a habit of returning to past races and playing them repeatedly in order to earn extra Player Level experience points and coins. Progressing all the way to gift boxes during a tour may earn you a gift in the form of more coins and rubies, too.

• Logging in every day to claim your daily reward is always worth it, by the way. And once you unlock the game’s challenges, do your best to knock out each one as you regularly compete. Oh and be sure to complete “Coin Rush” races from time to time to really rack up your coins purse (feel free to go crazy in the shop on a daily basis since there are “Daily Selects” items for sale). All of the aforementioned activities should net you all the extra coins or rubies you desire (even though the grind can be quite tedious at times).

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