5 Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Powerpuff Girls Monkey Mania


Mojo Jojo is up to his old schemes again!

And this time, he’s tapped into the very same liquid concoction that gave his arch-enemies their powers – Chemical X! This superfluid has led to an army of evil monkeys rampaging through Townsville and causing everyone to panic. Thankfully, the Powerpuff Girls are fully prepared to save the day. In Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania, you’ll take control of Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles as you punch their greatest foes and smash monkeys as you dash through the air. There’s a lot that goes into going farther on each subsequent run, so we’re here to break down our winning strategies for you all.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Powerpuff Girls: Monkey Mania:

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1. Always Aim for the Enemy’s Head at the Start of Your Run and Prioritize Your Upgrade Spending

Powerpuff Girls Monkey Mania


• Once it’s your time to fly, you’ll always want to pull off a “CRIT” attack on the baddie standing (or floating) in your way. In order to pull that off, you’ll want to make sure you aim for the character’s head. Landing such a powerful blow means your character will get more air and start the stage off with a higher chance of navigating the stage at a higher position. Plus you’ll also excel at a much faster pace, which means you’ll probably enjoy a better run than your last one. So make sure you always land a punch on your enemy’s dome – when you eventually KO that villain, you’ll automatically pull off a CRIT that sends you flying fast and high!

• You’ll earn coins at the end of each run, which goes into purchasing all types of upgrades from four different tabs. Leveling up each upgrade helps fill the meter connected to the “Allegro” reward meter – when that meter is filled, the quality of the goodies you’ll get from an Allegro gift box increases. The most important upgrades are the first two, which are the permanent character boosts and the ones that increase the effectiveness of your power-ups. Your runs will steadily improve in the distance you travel as you pour more coins into attributes such as “Wrecking Ball” and “Bianca Bikini.” The other two upgrade tabs are good in their own right, but you should only spend a few coins on them after you’ve done a ton of leveling up for the other two.

2. Use Your “Power Smash” to Maintain Momentum and Keep From Wiping Out

Powerpuff Girls Monkey Mania


• By tapping the screen, you’ll activate the Power Smash. You can’t abuse this move, however – it’s tied to a meter that depletes every time you use it. And the only way to refill that meter is by smashing any of the monkeys below you. The Power Smash works great in two different ways – when your character needs to maintain their speed and they’re on the verge of hitting solid ground, use the Power Smash to do so. And secondly, you’ll want to land a Power Smash on “Fireworks Minions” and “Heart Minions” since they send you flying higher and increase your momentum.

3. Make Good Use of Those Random Power-Ups

• Another major factor of every run is the presence of power-ups. If you find yourself coming close to one, sometimes it’s worth pulling off a Power Smash in order to guarantee you obtain it. As you make your way past walls, open Allegros, and pull off better runs, you’ll unlock new power-ups that aid you during your subsequent playthroughs. “Princess Morbucks,” “Bianca Bikini,” and “Bro Shark” stand out as the best ones. And by the way, if you manage to fly high into the clouds you’ll earn the rare assistance of a familiar Norse god and go even farther!

4. Fully Increase the “Duplikate Glove’s” Multiplying Every Time You Play

• So you’ll start to notice that the price that comes with upgrading each item in the four tabs gradually gets more and more expensive. They may start off cheap, but they’ll eventually reach into the millions! So if you’re hoping to rack up more coins during each run, you’ll need some assistance.

• The Duplikate Glove adds a multiplier to your “Mojo Coin” earnings, so make sure you watch those ads and acquire the full x3 Duplikate Glove. And once it fully depletes and you run out of gloves, refill it immediately so you can earn the maximum amount of coins you deserve! Smashing several “Millionaire Minions” should be on the agenda every time you play a stage, by the way. And whenever you earn “President Dinosaur” and another coin multiplier item, go as far as possible and smash tons of monkeys during your next run to truly max out your Mojo Coins earnings!

5. You Should Only Spend Your “Pickle” on a Monsieur Ducky

Powerpuff Girls Monkey Mania


• One of the hardest currencies to earn are those danged Pickles. When you end up picking one up, you’ll get to put it towards one of three “one-time usage per stage” items. You’ll find these three items in the last tab connected to the “Goodies Shop,” which are “Monsieur Ducky,” “Octi,” and “Chiru.”

• Monsieur Ducky is the best one, in our opinion – it’ll save you when you wipe out and help you go even farther every time. The other two boosters are good in their own right, but you’ll regularly earn them just by completing missions and opening Allegros. You can pick up Monsieur Ducks through those methods as well. But whenever you find yourself without one and have a pickle in your possession, make that purchase ASAP!

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