How to Unlock the Seeker Upgrade in Gears 5

Gears 5 Seeker Upgrade

Of all the abilities that you can give Jack in Gears 5, his Shock Traps are one of my favorites. Their ability to disable and kill foes can help from being overwhelmed when rushed by Swarm. However, this skill only gets better with the Seeker upgrade which turns these mines into homing, electric drones. Unlockable during Act 2, you thankfully won’t have to do much to unlock this upgrade.

In order to obtain the Seeker upgrade, you’ll need to progress through Act 2, Chapter 3 and complete your visit of the first radar tower. Once this is done, approach your skiff and go immediately to your right. Inside the East Tower Substation, you’ll find a dead body on a bed along with some notes in the corner. Read the notes to trigger the Lost Outsiders side quest.

Now take your skiff and head towards the northwest corner of the map. Instead of following the main path, go to the right and up the hill towards the North Substation. If you read the note in the East Substation you’ll have the code to unlock the door. Once inside, take out the one infected human running around. You can then have Jack open up the safe with the Seeker upgrade in the side room.

If you miss the Lost Outsiders note by New Hope don’t worry, completing the quest isn’t required. All you have to do is get into the North Substation and break open the safe. This ability will be automatically equipped once obtained.

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