5 Rebel Racing Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Rebel Racing is the latest mobile racing game to dominate the rest of the pack.

Not only does it look visually incredible, but it also features a slew of real-world cars to boot. Iconic automobile manufacturers like Ford, Mitsubishi Motors, Ariel and Bugatti have lent their most popular vehicles to Rebel Racing. So digital street racers can look forward to skidding across the pavement, boosting past the competition and risking it all during high jumps with the beautiful rides they spot on real-life roads. With the extensive collection of tips we’re about to present to you all, you’ll come out on the winning end of every race and earn all the awesome unlockables Rebel Racing is full of.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Rebel Racing:

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1. Clean Racing is the Key to Success

Rebel Racing

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Rebel Racing is pretty much an auto-racer – the main active input method you can do to impact your car’s performance is by moving left/right. After a while, your prized vehicle will pick up speed and eventually bypass the rest of the competition. In order to keep that strong speed streak intact, you’ll always need to make sure you stay on the road and race as clean as possible.

• That also means you should avoid bumping into other racers and drifting too hard to the point where you turn in the opposite direction or wipe out on the side of the road. While you’re racing, keep your “Rebel Bonus” feats in mind – they’re represented by your overtakes, drifting, drafting and air time performance. Try to score a few extra points in one or all of those Rebel Bonus categories so you can earn some more cash at the end of a race.

2. As Soon as Your Boost Becomes Available, REV IT UP!

Rebel Racing

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• One of the mechanics you’ll come to rely on during each race is your nitro-assisted boost. It usually pops up whenever you pull off an impressive drift. Whenever your boost becomes available, use it ASAP! That extra kick usually pushes your car way past the competition and the main racer that’s required for you to meet the conditions required to earn a victory. Don’t save your boost for the end of a race, folks – utilize it as soon as it’s available so you can grab the early lead and continue to accelerate to higher speeds as the race goes on.

3. Focus on Upgrading Your Current Ride Over Purchasing a New One

Rebel Racing

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• Earning cash is pretty easy to do. Earning a massive amount of cash is a bit harder to accomplish and is also a pretty long process. Every time you earn enough cash to upgrade your current ride, it’s best if you just spend your cash to do so. Saving up all your cash to cop a new ride isn’t really worth it, to be honest. Keep improving the different attributes of your chosen ride so you can compete at higher “PP” levels.

• It’s possible to obtain new rides through limited-time events. Plus you can get your hands on new “Car Imports” by earning the different types of keys given to you as bonus rewards and through the completion of events. Improving your current ride, equipping augments to it and earning the “Fusion Credits” needed to push it past its max level should be your main focus over trying to cop new cars.

4. Log-In Every Day to Complete the Following Tasks

Rebel Racing

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• Every day you hop onto Rebel Racing’s digital roads, make sure you do so in order to claim your daily log-in reward. Plus you’ll always want to use up all the chances given to you for “Double Payout” races and your “Daily Test Drive” challenge. You should always claim the rewards given out by these timed races before you log off for the day.

• You should definitely put in the effort needed to complete boss, easy money, event, and ladder races. But you should always make sure the Daily Test Drive and Double Payout competitions are greyed out by the time you finish playing for the day. And whenever you’re not in the mood to play Rebel Racing, log-in anyway so you at least walk away with your free “Mystery Gift.”

5. Make Sure You Watch All the Video Advertisements Allotted to You Every Day

Rebel Racing Game

Hutch Games Ltd

• Another easy way to rack up more cash is by activating the “Free Cash” video advertisement viewing option on the main menu. If you’re looking to walk away with a huge sum of in-game bucks, be sure to sit through the five video ads that are allotted to you. Every day, you can cash out and earn the extra money needed to keep progressing by claiming four stacks of cash and a massive “Cash Ads Crate” to boot.

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