5 Into the Dead 2 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

The zombie hordes can’t slow you down one bit in Into the Dead 2!

Well, they can actually. But with our help, you’ll zip past them and mow them down without much trouble. Into the Dead 2 is all about you surviving the zombie apocalypse by running full speed ahead and eliminating any walkers that get in your way. You’ll need to arm yourself with a variety of firearms, power them up with boosts and keep a canine companion by your side if you’re hoping to survive for long. This essential guide will get you to the finish line of every stage in Into the Dead 2 and help you make the best possible decisions in such a bleak world.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Into the Dead 2:

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1. Conserve Your Ammo and Keep an Eye Out for Ammo Boxes

Into the Dead 2


• At the beginning of every stage run in Into the Dead 2, you usually don’t get a lot of ammo to work with. It’s always best if you conserve your ammo since you’re likely to run into a crowd of zombies at some point that you’ll have to dump a lot of bullets into. Plus you’ll need to have enough ammo on hand to take down stronger zombies, such as the naked undead who can be seen feasting on an unlucky bystander.

• Keep a close eye on your current weapon’s positioning when it’s in the vicinity of an oncoming zombie – it always automatically raises itself a little, which means you’re lined up for the perfect shot. Keep this visual cue in mind every time you take a shot – you don’t want to waste your bullets and miss an easy shot after all. Whenever you spot a smoke signal in the distance, it’s most likely an ammo box. Always make sure you run across them in every level to give yourself more of a fighting chance. As for your grenades, save them for situations in which you’re fresh out of bullets and need to get rid of some troublesome zombies in your way. And it’s always worth spending your gold on extra items so you’ll acquire a knife and the dog food needed to bring your trusty canine into a stage run with you.

2. It’s Always Worth Revisiting Beaten Levels to Acquire More Goods

Into the Dead 2


• Each level comes with its own set of missions to complete. Knocking out one of those stage missions rewards you with a star, which goes into unlocking a gearbox once you’ve collected all the stars needed to obtain it. Chances are high that you won’t complete all of a stage’s missions the first time around, so it’s always worth replaying them to reach that goal if you have the leftover stamina to do so. Replaying stages consume less stamina, which is a definite plus.

• Replaying already completed stages is also a good option since you’ll always walk away with extra goodies, such as weapon parts, dog treats, silver, or sub-weapon items. And finally, replaying past levels helps you upgrade your weapons with the weapon parts and silver acquired from completing them. You’ll reach a roadblock at some point or another because your weapons aren’t up to par, so go back and farm completed stages for upgrade items before you make another attempt at beating a tougher stage.

3. Your Daily Regimen Should Include Completing Daily Missions and “Daily Carnage” Run’s

Into the Dead 2


• Besides completing main campaign missions, your daily tasks should also include fulfilling daily missions and using your three free tries to play through Daily Carnage run’s. Do your best to fulfill all of the daily missions available to you before you log off – getting your hands on all the items that come with completing daily missions is essential to your progress. Once you’ve done that, do your best to hit the zombie kill milestones for the Daily Carnage stage. Collecting daily “Skulls” from meeting those milestones goes towards “Weekly Goals” rewards, which are even more beneficial to your progress. So work hard every day to acquire awesome goodies every week.

4. And Don’t Forget to Participate in the Current Event!

• Whenever you get some “Event Tickets” in your possession, cash them in to participate in the current limited-time event. You should spend every daily playthrough trying to complete a few of the event missions in order to climb the leaderboard. Getting a good placing on the leaderboard means you’ll get your hands on better weapons via parts and gold. Gold is the game’s currency and is pretty hard to come by, so it’s always worth playing through event missions to hopefully get your hands on some by the event’s end.

5. Take Advantage of All Those Video Avertisement Freebies

Into the Dead 2


• Enjoying Into the Dead 2 for free means you’ll need to become comfortable with the thought of watching video advertisements on a regular basis. Performing this activity will quickly become commonplace – sitting through video advertisements gets you an extra gearbox after a stage run, freebies from the store, and a free “Luck Bonus.” Walking away from a beaten stage with double the loot is just one of the many ways in which video advertisements work on your behalf.

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