Terrakion Max CP & Stats in Pokemon GO

pokemon go terrakion max cp


Terrakion is in five-star Raids in Pokemon GO from now until December 17, according to Niantic.

Once you manage to catch Terrakion, you may be wondering what it’s Max CP and stats are. Well look no further. Here’s Terrakion’s Max CP and stats in Pokemon GO. Is it worth powering up? Read on to find out.

Note: Stats are from GamePress.

Max CP at Level 40: 3,698
Lowest CP at Level 40: 3,252

Max CP at Level 20: 2,113
Lowest CP at Level 20: 1,858

Attack: 260
Defense: 192
Stamina: 209

Type: Fighting & Rock

Quick Moves: Smack Down, Zen Headbutt
Charge Moves: Close Combat, Earthquake, Rock Slide

Terrakion is resistant to normal-, poison-, rock-, bug-, fire- and dark-type moves and weak to fighting-, ground-, steel-, water-, grass-, psychic- and fairy-type moves.

Terrakion sits comfortably among the best rock-type attackers in Pokemon GO, making it worth powering up. Terrakion’s attack isn’t as ridiculous as Rampardos’ 295 attack stat, but it has the same excellent moveset (Smack Down and Rock Slide are the best rock-type attacks according to GamePress) and it lasts longer than Rampardos thanks to its higher bulk. Terrakion isn’t not as bulky as Tyranitar, but it doesn’t have the double weakness to fighting and has slightly more attack than Tyranitar. Plus, you could only get a Tyranitar with Smack Down during its Community Day, while Terrakion comes standard with it. That being said, having weaknesses to some of the most common types in PvP is quite the hindrance.

Terrakion’s best moveset is Smack Down and Rock Slide + Close Combat. Smack Down is better than Zen Headbutt because it’s the same type as Terrakion meaning it does more damage. Rock Slide should be the go to Charge Move since it pairs nicely with Smack Down and establishes Terrakion as a top tier rock-type attacker. If you have the Stardust and Candies to spare, Close Combat makes for a nice secondary Charge Move to expand the amount of Pokemon Terrakion to hit super effectively (especially steel-types which will be common counters to Terrakion). However, Close Combat isn’t as good as other fighting-type Charge Moves according to GamePress, so having access to it isn’t a priority.

Update: A previous version of this article said that Terrakion leaves five-star Raids on December 2 when it actually leaves them on December 17.

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