How to Catch Galar Slowpoke in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield Galar Slowpoke

A new update for Pokemon Sword & Shield released today and it’s introducing a twist on an old favorite. Galarian Slowpoke is now available for capture, however, it’s easy to miss this Pokemon if you don’t know where to look. Part of the prep before the first expansion releases in June, players can collect this Pokemon with very little effort. However, if you are completely new to the game then you’ll have to play a little before Slowpoke becomes available.

You can find Galarian Slowpoke in the Wedgehurst train station, so fast travel to this city. Once you land, head south down the road and you will see the train station on your left. Enter this build to trigger an in-game cutscene that shows your future rival. She will be asking about the Armor Pass, so go approach this woman and speak to her. This causes Slowpoke to come lumbering out of the station.

Once you regain control just run over to Slowpoke and speak to him. After the rival asks you to capture this Pokemon, you’ll enter a battle with this adorable beast. It’s Level 12, so don’t expect it to put up much of a fight. In my game, all I did was throw a Great Ball and it was instantly captured. However, if you do need to fight Slowpoke, don’t worry about knocking it out. Even if this Pokemon faints, you’ll still be asked to capture it. I suppose that’s better than leaving a beat-up Pokemon in the middle of a train station.

Keep in mind, you won’t be able to evolve Slowpoke until you visit either of the two upcoming expansions. The Isle of Armor will grant an item that turns it into Slowbro, while The Crown Tundra lets you turn it into a Slowking. For now, just hold onto this Pokemon until the new DLC releases later this year.

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