How to Customize Maya’s Outfit in Fornite Season 2

Fortnite Maya Upgrade Vault

The new season of Fortnite is finally here and it’s all about two different covert factions. Revolving around various spy themes and tropes, there are quite a few changes coming to Season 2. From new gadgets to map changes to skins, there’s a lot of content for players to enjoy. One of the most intriguing additions is the Upgrade Vault, which allows players to change and modify one of the new characters, Maya. With a completely customizable outfit, users can unlock different pieces of gear during the season to change this agent’s appearance.

In order to alter Maya’s appearance, you will need to first purchase the Battle Pass. Doing so will allow you to change her outfit in the Upgrade Vault. This can be found in the Battle Royale main menu in the top right corner. Once inside, you will have a variety of options including clothing, hair, and even tattoos. The catch is, you will need to complete Maya’s challenges each week to gain access to that specific body part or clothing item.

For Week 1, you’ll need to 250 Assault Rifle damage in a single match across five different games. This is actually pretty easy, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble unlocking her first set of gear. Once completed, head back tot he Upgrade Vault and select which item you want to equip to this character. This is Fortnite’s first customizable character, so we are excited to see what cool combos players come up with during Season 2.

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