Apex Legends Season 4 Character Tier List

Apex Legends Character Tier List Season 4

The newest season of Apex Legends is finally here, so that means it’s time to evaluate where all the characters stand. While every legend is certainly viable, we will be evaluating these heroes based on a number of factors. This includes how they synergize with other team members, their general abilities, and use on the World’s Edge map. With the changes made to World’s Edge in Season 4, some of the characters have become a little more viable than others.

Remember, it’s more than possible to climb the Ranked ladder with any legend. However, some simply perform better in the current meta and can be far easier to utilize. Before we get into our choices, let’s review what it means to be in each tier.

Tier One: The best of the best. These legends combine strong utility with terrific team synergy. Great with virtually any type of squad composition, legends in tier one should be expected in every match.

Tier Two: Great, but they can be a bit restrictive at times. While these legends possess valuable skills, there’s something holding them back. All of the tier two choices are still terrific characters, just not the go-to choices so many players gravitate towards.

Tier Three: This is for legends that either could use a buff or don’t perform well on the World’s Edge map. This doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful with them, just that you’ll typically have a tougher time.

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Tier One

Apex Legends Season 2 Trailers


This friendly robot is one of the best legends available right now. With superb mobility, a skilled Pathfinder can chase down fleeing targets, ambush unaware enemies, and quickly rotate your team to new cover. Using his Grappling Hook may take a bit of practice, but it’s an invaluable tool that has wonderful flexibility both in and out of combat. The Zipline Gun not only has a fast charge time but wonderful range allowing teams to swiftly reposition. Pathfinder is an insanely potent legend that should never be underestimated on the battlefield.


Another fan favorite, Wraith has been one of the most popular heroes since Apex Legends released. Difficult to hit, a smart Wraith player can use her skills to move in and out of combat, picking off enemies with ease. Dimensional Rift is great for outrunning the ring or your foes, while Voices from the Void gives players a life-saving warning if they’re being aimed at. Her small hitbox and mobility make killing a seasoned Wraith very tricky.


This may surprise a lot of returning players, but Gibraltar is pretty bonkers now. After receiving numerous buffs, Gibraltar is a powerhouse that can be difficult to bring down. With a base 15% damage resistance plus his energy shield, Gibraltar is the closest thing to having a tank class in Apex Legends. His Dome Shield not only provides extra protection, but players can heal and be revived faster in it. Finally, Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment is perfect for forcing teams out of cover or creating a distraction so you can flee.

For better or worse, Gibraltar is essentially a better, more effective version of Lifeline. He is an amazing support legend that can keep your team in the fight well beyond their breaking point. Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if this legend was nerfed in the near future.


When it comes to trap and defense heroes, Wattson rises above the rest. Setting aside her insanely high pick rate among competitive players, Wattson is an incredible utility character. Her fences allow you to control the flow of combat or deny entire locations to enemy teams. Combine this with her ultimate to turn a simple building into a fortress.

Plus, she can just get her Interception Pylon back by using an Ultimate Charger. Even though Wattson may not be as popular among casual players, her raw utility and map control makes her one of the scariest legends in the game.

Tier Two

Apex Legends Octane


It’s difficult to judge where Revenant will ultimately land, so we are going to stick him in Tier Two for now. This new legend is capable of shutting down an entire hero’s abilities, making them easy to pick off. Given how many legends rely on mobility perks, Revenant can punish over aggressive characters such as Octane, Wraith, and Pathfinder. His Death Totem is fantastic for surviving tricky engagements and the increased crouch speed makes him perfect for sneaking up on foes.

Revenant has the potential to be Tier One, simply due to how dramatic all his main abilities are. However, it will take a little bit longer to see where this character settles in the current meta.


Everyone’s favorite tracker got a buff this season, making their ultimate far more dangerous this season. Now, whenever Bloodhound knocks down a foe the timer on Beast of the Hunt increases by 5 seconds. In the right situation, it’s possible to even exceed the starting timer which makes Bloodhound especially deadly. This legend can also track a target’s movements and reveal them via a scan. However, the lack of escape options outside of their ultimate can make Bloodhound an easy target.


I’m a little bias with this pick since he’s my favorite, but Crypto is both a great and frustrating legend to play. Crypto’s possesses unparalleled surveillance thanks to his drone and Neurolink passive. Being able to fly around the map, mark targets, and deliver an EMP shock that breaks shields makes him quite dangerous. Yet, his inability to move while using the drone often makes Crypto players more of a liability than an asset. It’s a difficult balancing act that takes quite a lot of practice, but even then his overreliance on the drone hampers Crypto’s full potential.


This speedy boy was the first new legend introduced and he’s been running in the middle of the pack since then. Octane’s entire design is based around speed, allowing players to quickly dip in and out of combat. Unfortunately, Pathfinder simply has a better advantage on the current map thanks to the verticality of many Points of Interest. This puts Octane in an awkward spot since there are other heroes that simply excel at what he was designed to do. This doesn’t make Octane bad, far from it, just not an optimal choice for players.


There’s really not much to say about Bangalore. She’s always been a solid legend that brings some intriguing advantages to combat. Her smoke grenades provide decent cover, while Rolling Thunder can root out dug in foes. The problem is, both of these abilities can also hamper your team since the smoke will blind them and the ultimate can drastically slow their movements. It doesn’t help that the abundance of buildings makes dodging this ultimate pretty simple.

Tier Three

Apex Legends Destroy Caustic Traps


Lifeline is in a really awkward spot right now. Not only has Gibraltar taken her job, but he does it way better. Despite being a popular legend, Lifeline underperforms when compared to other characters. Her fast resurrection is nice, but Gibraltar’s Shield Dome does it better and the Care Package is nice but ultimately useless in a firefight. This is a character that desperately needs an ability rework, especially if Respawn Entertainment is content with Gibraltar taking her place as the main support legend.


Caustic is here less because of his ability kit and more because World’s Edge isn’t a great map for this character. While the Season 4 changes added more confined spaces, World’s Edge is still a very open map. This causes Caustic to suffer since his gas can be easily avoided. It doesn’t help that Caustic’s traps can be quickly dispatched and that his gas also affects your teammates. Sure, trapping people in a building with Nox Gas is hilarious, but this is something that rarely happens – especially in higher rank matches.


Poor Mirage. One of the main faces of Apex Legends is also one of the most underwhelming characters. Sure he can sometimes fool players, but this typically only works on new or experienced users. His ultimate doesn’t do anything to help the team, acting as a way to cut and run if a fight goes sour. Even Mirage’s passive doesn’t fool anyone since those few seconds of invisibility rarely matter. Mirage is perhaps one of the most intriguing heroes, so we hope he gets some love in the future.

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