How to Open the Dragov Mission Locked Room in The Division 2

The Division 2 Dragov Locked Room

As you make your way through the dangerous, gang-filled world of The Division 2, you’ll come across a variety of secret items. One of the easiest to miss is a hidden, locked room during your hunt for Dragov. Unobtainable until you kill this Rogue Agent, you’ll need to shoot multiple power boxes hidden through the Trading Floor to disable the electric fence. Keep in mind, you need to beat the boss to have access so make sure you’re well equipped before entering the trading floor. Dragov is no pushover, so make use of those mini-guns scattered throughout the room.

The Division 2 Dragov Powerbox

After Dragov is killed head back to the doorway you entered from Facing the trading floor, look to your top left and you’ll see a blinking yellow powerbox along the wall. If you’re having trouble spotting it, the box will have a single red light blinking. This makes it much easier to spot in the darkness. Blast that powerbox and then head to the right side of the room. Look for a large American flag hanging on the wall and then shoot the powerbox connected to the bottom of a catwalk.

After you shoot both powerboxes, go back the way you came and approach the electric cage. You should not get a prompt to open the door, allowing you to collect the key inside and access the loot crate in the back right. Once you have the key, leave the cage and go to the room in the back with the keypad. Open the door, enter the room, turn around, and shoot the powerbox directly to the left of the door.

Go back out into the room with the cage and use the open window to shoot the final powerbox hidden in the back left corner of the loot room. Once those boxes are broken you can unlock the door and gain access to all the loot inside! We strongly recommend doing this, as these crates offer some great gear that will help you improve your character.

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