How to Fix Valorant Error Code 43

valorant error code 43

Riot Games

After being hype up in the past week, Valorant has finally arrived in the form of a closed beta.

Although the beta is largely closed off to the public, there are still some ways players are able to get access and it’s through the form of Twitch drops.

By watching various Twitch streamers play in the beta, if viewers have their Riot accounts linked to their Twitch, they’ll have the chance to gain access through that.

However, it looks like that’s just one part of the battle as the beta can be quite difficult to get into even with access.

Many players are running in an “Error Code 43” which is preventing players from getting logged into the game. The good news is, you’re not the only one having this problem if you’re here reading this, and Riot Games is aware of the issue.

Valorant pc specs

Riot GamesMany players are having issues accessing the Valorant servers.

The Valorant game client will ask you to restart your game and try again, which has fixed the issue for some players, but Riot says the best advice would be to just wait for them to fix it.

“We’re aware of an issue with that’s causing errors down the line (particularly timeouts like error 43 or not being able to queue),” wrote Riot on their support website and on Twitter. “The best solve is for us to fix it, so don’t keep trying to relog – we’re on it!”

It is frustrating to players who earned access to the beta and were looking forward to its much-anticipated debut, but it should just be a small price to pay once players actually get into the game.

If players keep trying to get in over and over and over, then chances are they will actually do so. If that doesn’t work, then they’ll just have to sit around and watch streamers play until an official fix arrives.

Valorant closed beta is out now on PC.

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