Fortnite Hand Cannon Gets Update Ahead of Season 3

fortnite hand cannon update

Epic Games

During the early days of Fortnite, the Hand Cannon was one of the most popular weapons in the game thanks to its immense power and ability to shoot from long distances.

Eventually, Epic Games vaulted the weapon and there was never really anything added to take its place. Players haven’t forgotten about this beloved weapon, though, and some recent changes in Creative mode have led some to believe it could be making a return soon.

It’s no secret that when something is removed from the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite, that doesn’t necessarily it’s gone from Creative, but usually we don’t see tweaks on these weapons or items.

Hand Cannon Has a New Model

Reddit user PM092 noticed a sleek new redesign of the Hand Cannon in Creative and posted a screenshot of it for everybody to see.

They hope this change will result in the unvaulting of the weapon for Season 3. If there was ever a time to do something like this, that would be it.

Of course, Season 3 has since been delayed until June 11, so now the developers have more time to get some last-second tweaks in for whatever they have planned for the new season.

Is There a Chance It’ll Actually Come Back?

When it comes to Fortnite, we can never say never, but outside of this model change, there’s nothing really to suggest the weapon is on the way back.

Then again, with the Heavy Sniper being such a major part of the meta in recent memory, the Hand Cannon could actually find a way to sneak back into the game.

With the ability to one-shot a wall, it would actually be a powerful weapon to keep in your arsenal, even if you don’t use it to eliminate other players.

At this moment, we’ll just have to play to the waiting game and see what Epic has in store. The start of the season will more than likely bring some new weapons, so let’s see if they bring back an old favorite as well.

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