Fortnite Ocean Weapon Wrap Would be Perfect for Season 3

fortnite season 3 ocean weapon wrap

Epic Games

With the assumption that Fortnite Season 3 will revolve around water in some way, this weapon wrap concept would be perfect.

Of course, it’s still quite early to tell what the exact theme of the season would, that hasn’t stopped fans from creating their own designs of what they want to see in the upcoming season.

Of course, we won’t quite know what the new season looks like until it arrives on June 11, but it doesn’t hurt to come up with some guess.

This Ocean Wrap Looks Pretty Nice

A mock-up design by Reddit user nxtpyne shows what they think should be a new wrap in the upcoming season and it’s pretty hard to disagree with the idea once you see it.

If the new season is actually water-related, then this would end up being a perfect option to sell in the item shop or include in the battle pass.

One minor tweak that we’d like to see is instead of the goldfish swimming around inside, maybe it could be the Fishstick skin. Either way, it works out quite well and it’s something we’d like to see Epic add in the future.

Will Epic Actually Add It?

It’s no secret that Epic Games has taken inspiration from fans in the past when it comes to new cosmetics, so it’s entirely possible that we could see the same thing happen here.

If the map is flooded for the new season and Aquaman does end up somehow being the secret Battle Pass skin, as some leakers have predicted, then we’d fully expect to see Epic add a water weapon wrap.

We’re not too far away from the start of the new season, so whatever the developers have planned for it will be revealed soon enough.

Before we get there, we’ll first have to see what the Doomsday Event is. If the map gets covered with water, this wrap just became a lot more probable.

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