5 The Goldberg’s: Back to the 80’s Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

ABC’s The Goldberg’s is a nostalgic trip that takes viewers on a ride back to the 80’s.

The charismatic family that the show is named after is a lovable bunch who perfectly evoke the mood of the 80’s every time they’re onscreen. The Goldberg’s have now popped up in a surprisingly fun and addictive idle game that’s full of retro goodness. The Goldberg’s: Back to the 80’s puts you in control of opening up Hangouts to attract all the young folks, collect a whole lot of Cool Points and upgrade the show’s familiar characters that are capable of automatically collecting all those Cool Points for you over time. Utilize this tips guide and you’ll become the king or queen of the 80’s in no time flat!

Here are the top 5 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for The Goldberg’s: Back to the 80’s:

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1. Make Sure You Completely Fill the Double Cool Points Meter Before You Get to Work

The Goldbergs Back to the 80s

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• The entire purpose of The Goldberg’s: Back to the 80’s is trying to earn as many Cool Points as you possibly can. That type of in-game currency is earned by setting up Hangouts that attracts all sorts of folks that gift you with more Cool Points over time. Every time you start a new game, be sure to check and see if the Double Cool Points time meter is completely full. Having this booster work for you means you’ll have a much easier time earning a vast amount of Cool Points and be able to finish your episodic goals in a much quicker fashion.

• The Double Cool Points timer boost also works for you when you’re away from the game, so be sure to refill it to its maximum time limit before you log off. By the way, scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen to see if that green play button is active. You should always watch the video advertisement associated with that feature so you can earn some extra tapes for a few seconds of video viewing. It’s not worth interacting with the trade offer option, however – keep your character cards to yourself instead of trading them for a measly amount of more tapes.

2. Always Make Sure the MAX Option for Purchasing More People for a Hangout is On

The Goldbergs Back to the 80s

Eastside Games

• As you make your way to new episodes, your Cool Points intake will dramatically increase. In order to make your Cool Points income grow even larger over a short period of time, you’ll need to buy new people to add to each of your Hangouts. Instead of relying on the option that only allows you to buy one additional Hangout denizen at a time, just keep the MAX purchasing option on at all times.

• You’ll tend to have enough Cool Points for all those MAX Hangout people purchases during later chapters, so it’s always worth having that option on so you can add multiple people to a hangout with just the tap of a button. Once you unlock a character that can automatically collect Cool Points for you at a Hangout, you should focus on adding tons of extra people to those Hangouts ASAP! Having all those automated Hangouts rack up Cool Points for you works out even better when those Hangouts have tons more people hanging out inside of them.

3. Be Sure to Spend Your Tapes on Character and Hangout Upgrading, Plus Limited-Time Sales

The Goldbergs Back to the 80s

Eastside Games

• As you complete episodic goals and open card packs, you’ll be rewarded with the Tapes that are needed to permanently upgrade your unlocked characters and Hangouts. Besides those two purchasing options, there’s also another way to properly spend your Tapes. The second buying option within the store caters to limited-time items that will reset to something different once the timer reaches its end.

• You should only buy the character and Hangout upgrading pieces you need when you haven’t reached the maximum amount of each one that’s available. Purchase each piece of the three limited-time items until the green meter attached to them is full. Then just go ahead and save your newly acquired Tapes for future character and Hangout upgrading purposes before the next limited-time sale comes around.

4. You Should Only Spend Your Diamonds on This Item in the Store

• Diamonds are a rare piece of currency within the game. You can earn them by ranking at a high level during Showdowns and by participating in Events. Since Diamonds are such a hot commodity that’s pretty hard to come by so easily, you’ll need to save them for the right purchases.

• You should only put your Diamonds towards purchasing a Legendary Card Pack in the store. Legendary Card Packs contain up to 12 character upgrading cards, up to 40 Tapes, and up to 18.12-million Cool Points. While it may take forever to eventually earn 450 Diamonds, the effort is well worth it when you see what rewards come your way after unpacking a Legendary Card Pack.

5. Spend an Entire Game Session Completing Event Related Objectives From Time to Time

The Goldbergs Back to the 80s

Eastside Games

• When Events come around, they’ll usually be up for an entire day. It’s sometimes worth spending an entire game session participating in an event so you can complete its lofty goals and walk away with a few extra rare character cards and Diamonds.

• Apply the same tips we provided here on how to get the most out of your regular Cool Points earning sessions and you’ll do great with Events. Be sure to completely fill the Double Tokens and Free Arcade Machines video advertisements, set the Hangout people purchasing option to MAX, and try to complete as many goals as you can before the event ends.

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