Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Reveal and Release Date for Min Min

A few months back, Masahiro Sakurai hopped online to clue us into who was going to be the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Once it came out that that series entrant is hailing from the ARMS franchise, fan excitement began to build over which long-armed pugilist was going to make their way in. Today (June 22), Sakurai finally made it official during his latest live stream presentation – Min Min is ready to SMASH! And as expected, she lays down plenty of punishment with her vicious long-range punches.

And the coolest part about her inclusion? Min Min’s Final Smash calls on the rest of her fellow ARMS characters to land a series of devastating punches. The A button is used for her left arm, while the B button controls the usage of her right arm. Both arms can be used at the same time in either direction, which presents the opportunity for players to land some pretty sick combination strikes. Min Min’s not a great rushdown character, but she’s great for midrange focused players.

Min Min Super Smash Bros Ultimate


Min Min’s special moves incorporate dragon beams, big spring jumps, and a variety of swift kicks. She’ll be able to pull off all these signature moves on the Smash Ultimate’s newly added stage (Spring Stadium) that’s taken straight from ARMS. As for the new songs coming to Smash Ultimate from ARMS, 18 tracks in total have been included. As for the new character’s release date, Min Min will become available for download on June 29. On that same day, new Mii Fighter costumes will also become available – Ninjara (ARMS), Heihachi (Tekken), Callie & Marie (Splatoon), and Vault Boy (Fallout).