Throwback Challenge Champion Quest Guide for Pokemon GO

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Niantic via Twitter

The final part of the Pokemon GO Throwback Challenge 2020 is now live.

Unlike the tasks you needed to complete to unlock the Champion quest, the Champion quest itself isn’t timed. You can complete it at your leisure. If you didn’t complete the tasks, you can buy access to it in the in-game shop. You’ll get slightly different rewards, though.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Throwback Challenge Champion Quest for Pokemon GO and all the rewards you get, courtesy of Leek Duck. We’ll provide tips on how to complete each step where we can.

Step 1

Make 15 Great Throws – Galarian Meowth
Catch 15 Pokemon – 1 Incense
Transfer 15 Pokemon – 30 Ultra Balls

Completion Reward: 500 Stardust, 500 XP & Gothita encounter

Tips: To make a Great Throw, toss your Pokeball within the inner circle of the Capture Circle when it’s half as big or less than the outer circle. Great Throws can be tricky, but they’re much easier when throwing Pokeballs at large Pokemon like Snorlax, Abomasnow and most Legendary Pokemon. If you find a Pokemon with a large Capture Circle, toss regular Pokeballs so you have more chances to make Great Throws before you catch the Pokemon.

Step 2

Evolve 5 Pokemon – 5 Rare Candies
Hatch 15 Eggs – Oshawott encounter
Win 15 Raids – 10 Max Revives

Completion Reward: 500 Stardust, 500 XP & Darumaka Encounter

Step 3

Make an Excellent Throw – 30 Ultra Balls
Battle another Trainer 15 times – Tepig encounter
Power-up Pokemon 15 times – 500 Stardust

Completion Reward: 500 Stardust, 500 XP & Blitzle Encounter

Tips: Excellent throws are made when you toss the Pokeball when the inner circle of the Capture Circle is close to its smallest size, pretty much in the center of the circle. Again, toss Pokeballs at large Pokemon.

You can use the GO Battle League to search for and battle other players instead of battling face-to-face.

Step 4

Give your Buddy Pokemon 15 Treats – 1 Golden Razz Berry
Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon – Snivy encounter
Take 15 snapshots – 1 Silver Pinap Berry

Completion Reward: 500 Stardust, 500 XP & Audino Encounter

Tips: Play with your Buddy Pokemon from the Profile section of the app to do the tasks. Give it treats like Berries by clicking on the Berry icon on the bottom of the screen and then swipe the berry to throw it to your Pokemon. You can also take pictures with the camera button.

Dragon-type Pokemon are pretty hard to come by in the wild, but right now you can challenge Reshiram in five star Raid Battles for a chance to catch it. That might be your best bet.

Step 5

[Already Complete] – 1 Charged TM
[Already Complete] – Galarian Stunfisk encounter
[Already Complete] – 1 Fast TM

Completion Reward: 5 Rare Candies, Prof. Willow Glasses (Avatar item) & Genesect Encounter

Tips: You don’t have to do anything for these tasks. Just click on them in the menu to collect the rewards.

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